About Me

My approach to acting, my career and my life in general is holistic: everything is interlinked and growth in one area can have positive effects on all the others.


That said, it all comes down to how much fun I can have, doing work that is exciting and stimulating, and collaborating with creatives that are hard-working, curious and exceptionally passionate about the craft.


My big dream has always been to become an international superstar. Yes, I said it. TV, film, theatre, you name it!


I want to work  all over the world using all the languages that I speak (and the ones I plan on learning) and create stories that move, that challenge and that inspire.


And my mission is to inspire as many others along the way.


That is why I created The Healing and Abundance Circle: to pour my love of personal development into others. You can check out my site here.


I also create weekly motivational videos and book reviews on Youtube about this topics like productivity, mindset, confidence, self-love, health and self-belief.


Outside of acting, I’m all about solo traveling, learning new languages, exploring raw vegan foods, my hobbies and enjoyment.


Check out my blog to follow me on my journey to making my dreams my reality and all the juicy stuff in between.


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