About Me

My approach to acting, my career and my life in general is holistic: everything is interlinked and growth in one area can have positive effects on all the others.

That said, it all comes down to how much fun I can have, doing work that is exciting and stimulating, and collaborating with creatives that are hard-working, curious and exceptionally passionate about the craft.


My big dream has always been to become an international superstar. Yes, I said it. TV, film, theatre, you name it!

I want to work  all over the world using all the languages that I speak (and the ones I plan on learning) and create stories that move, that challenge and that inspire.


And my mission is to inspire as many others along the way.


I also make weekly videos on Youtube my raw vegan journey, lifestyle and acting scenes that inspire me.

Other things I love include (solo) travelling, learning new languages, smoothies, my hobbies and enjoyment.


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