Akuc Bol

There are two things that are certain about me: I am meant to be an actor and I have am very good at making people feel great about themselves.

Fundamentally, what inspires me is working with people. People are great and I always say it’s people who make anything worthwhile.

Growing up, I felt extremely ugly and struggled with self-hate because people would always make fun of the colour of my skin. I battled with my insecurities for years and never shared my shame and pain with anyone.

At times, I felt completely powerless because no-one ever came to my defence or encouraged me to believe otherwise.

When I was in my early teens I read a book on motivation that lit a spark in me. I quickly became OBSESSED with all things personal development and motivation because it gave me hope. I felt like things could actually change for me. Looking back, that was when I started doing the inner work to build my confidence and become a good actor.

Today, I know that we can overcome anything and with a bit of courage and patience, we can let go of the past hurt and create a new story for our future.

Overcoming negative thinking and believing in yourself is amazing. And that sense of achievement is something no one can ever take away from you.

And that is my mission. To empower you to believe in yourself, pursue your own purpose and live the life you know you deserve.

Work/life balance is also important to me and I love to bring plenty of magic into all areas of my life. So, outside of acting I love learning languages, (I speak French and intermediate Yoruba, Sudanese Arabic and Turkish), travelling and learning about personal development and self-motivation, fitness and kickboxing, BJJ and eating mangoes.