“Determined to live an exciting life and inspire others along the way.”



I’m a London-born actor who loves theatre and French cinema. Although I spent most of my teenage years doing youth theatre, my first professional job was on the TV show ‘The Dumping Ground’ for which I have filmed over 50 episodes.

In September 2016 I began studying BA Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where I have been training diligently to develop my performance skills and create a secure foundation for longevity in the industry. I will graduate in June 2019.

Since February 2015 I have been signed to Lorde Inc. which is the world’s first non-white modeling agency.

Self-motivation is what drives me to achieve my dreams and encouraging others is something that I enjoy doing and find quite easy to do. I like to share practical tools and advice on self-confidence, optimism, personal development as well as general advice for aspiring actors.

I’m also a huge fan of traveling, languages and I love interacting with people from around the world. On my blog I post regularly photos and updates about my trips and experiences abroad.