Book review #2: The Icarus Deception

The Icarus Deception: How High WIll You Fly? was a tough one to read because it lacked flow and precision, which is naturally off-putting. However, as I got further into the book things became slightly clearer and the tone was more direct.


Seth Godin is the author of 18 books and is a successful executive and entrepreneur. His extensive knowledge in business provide a great platform for sharing ideas and insightful experiences on marketing, personal development and entrepreneurship.

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My first speaking engagements

I’m booked up to give to talks at my former high school and secondary school in London, talking to 15-17 year olds, up to 400 kids, about life post-school and how to stay motivated.

This will be an interesting experience for me because I really don’t know what to expect. I’m really passionate about motivating and encouraging others, so it’s a great opportunity to put my skills to good use.

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Drama school: Glasgow showcase

We had our Glasgow showcase two days ago on the main stage at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and I think it was a huge success. We got a lot of positive feedback from our audience and my entire class gave their all.

The structure of showcase is that each actor performs 2 duologues, but some people (myself included) performed 1 monologue and a duologue. At the start of the show we sang a song from our previous show ‘Attempts on Her Life’ as it was a beautiful way to kicks things off.

Showcase RCS

Our London showcase is on Thursday 21st February and the audience will consist of big agents, casting directors, directors and other industry professionals. It’s especially important to do a good job because we’re perform for the people who can further our careers with amazing job opportunities and great connections.

The London showcase is basically the big build-up of drama school because there’s just so many important people in the theatre with us. My class and I have spent the last few months sending personal invitations to a long list of contacts so the stakes are high.

I’m well stocked on positive affirmations and I’ll be getting a massage that evening to treat myself.

Time to bring home the bacon!

Book review #1: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

The Success Principles, written by Jack Canfield, is a comprehensive, detailed guide to achieving success. Jack teaches how to live an abundantly rich and fulfilling life using the wisdom and teachings of successful, accomplished people in various fields. To collate The Success Principles Jack interviewed over 70 professionals – from engineers to business people to spiritual advisors – and so these principles can be put into practice by virtually anyone.


In this review I’ll breakdown the structure and content of The Success Principles and share my key learning points.

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Book reviews

I’m going to write book reviews on various personal development books once a fortnight. I love, love, love learning about personal development because it fills me with so much inspiration and motivation. I receive tons of wisdom and knowledge through these books because many of the authors are seriously accomplished people, and therefore I get to learn from them without having to make the same mistakes. Moreover, I think it’s a brilliant way to develop focus, clarity and discipline.

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Burning old habits

So as part of my study of Thinking into Results, I have to look at the results and outcomes in my life that I don’t want and correct them accordingly. Two specific things I wanted to change were:

1. I love biscuits. If I were heading to a deserted island, Oreos would probably be first on my essential’s list. Naturally, I have a big sweet-tooth. Thus far that hasn’t served me well.

2. Apart from cycling and dancing, I often can’t be bothered to exercise daily. It’s just not that fun and so I don’t do it.

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Thinking Into Results

A couple of weeks ago I started Thinking Into Results, a personal development programme with the Proctor Gallager Institute. The institute is run by Bob Proctor, a renown personal development guru, and Sally Gallager, a business entrepreneur.

The main point of the programme is to begin thinking about life in new ways. It’s about breaking old habits and putting in place new ones so that you can improve yourself and expand your potential. Essentially, you’re thinking big and developing the self-discipline to change habitual behaviours.

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Drama school: the home stretch

I’ve got a few short months left and then it’s HASTA LA VISTA to life as a drama student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 3 years have passed by in a flash!

Around mid-February my class and I have showcase for industry professionals, two in Glasgow and the other in London (London being the hub of the UK acting industry).

20180930_135457(0).jpgThis is really an opportunity to present ourselves to the acting world, to the people who can give us all those juicy jobs. We each perform two scenes and then there’s the group song – probably something pop-ish, upbeat and super catchy.

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2019 will exceed all expectations


I really feel it in my core that 2019 is going to be crazy incredible. Looking back on the last year, regardless of what happened around me, I always felt pretty good.

So, looking ahead now at this fresh start and new perspective, I’ve got 6 specific goals that I’ll be working on in 2019 to push myself further. Here we go!

  1. Set quarterly and monthly goals and review them daily.
  2. Keep a health journal
  3. Practice self-care
  4. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude
  5. Learn Dinka
  6. Read a book per week

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