A sense of urgency

An important thing to consider when pursuing your goals is your level of urgency.

A sense of urgency comes from having the drive and determination to see things through, and I believe it can only come when your goal is: a) challenging enough that you need to take a leap of faith, and b) exciting enough to keep you feeling stimulated along the way.

My biggest goal right now is to become a successful, international actor. Urgency in relation to this goal means staying on track with my action plan, maintaining a high level of discipline and focus, and doing more than what I think is possible in order to get there.

Specifically, it means reading the books (biographies, how-tos, motivational content, etc.), waking up early and following my morning routine, and doing all the researching. It means being equipped with the tools and knowledge to tackle the industry head-on. Essentially, I have to do whatever I can, and then some, each and every day, never losing sight of the prize. (Ooooh that juicy prize!)

These actions are helping me to cultivate the right attitude: an attitude of expectancy. And even if I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do today, I know that tomorrow brings with it the opportunity to start again and push myself further.


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