Are you committed?

I heard the legendary entrepreneur John Assaraf talk about commitment and so I’m sharing my take on his lesson.

What does commitment mean in relation to a goal? I think of it as total dedication towards achieving a goal and constantly reaffirming your investment in it as well as your belief that you can achieve it. I see it as having an unstoppable desire to get things done and to see through on all of your actions.


Whenever I am having coaching sessions with clients the last thing I ask them is:

“How committed to achieving this goal are you on a scale of 1-10?”

I ask because commitment is often the biggest factor when it comes to taking action and working towards the fulfilment of an objective. I want my clients to be at level 10 by the time I’m done with them!

If we are totally committed to our goals and dreams, we are purposeful and empowered. We are filled with expectancy and focus. Commitment is the deciding factor, I believe, in the area of personal development because it makes the difference between taking an interest in something and actually doing whatever is within your power to get there.

If we consider commitment when looking at our own life, we would see that it affects not only ourselves but everything and everyone around us. How committed are you to your relationships and your family? How committed are to your career? Your education and learning? How about your health and wellbeing? What is your commitment level to your community?

With total commitment, we can strive towards our own betterment and growth whilst having rippling effects of empowerment and encouragement on those around us.

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