Fear vs Faith

It’s so easy to become afraid of the future and of stepping into the unknown.


Two days ago I had to make a big decision. Either do the end of year production, stay in Glasgow to rehearse and decline upcoming auditions for the next 6 weeks or not do the show at all and be totally available to audition in London whenever there’s a casting. I chose the latter.

Let me tell you I was nervous. I spoke to my friends, my agent and my teacher at drama school to hear their take on things.

Although I knew that drama school would come to an end one day and that I would eventually graduate, I didn’t expect, however, the end to come so suddenly and just after a week of already rehearsing for our final show – I literally had like an hour to make my decision.

It feels like the safety net has been removed and I have to walk in faith or fall back in fear.

This is an opportunity to use all my time to prepare for what’s ahead and totally invest myself in upcoming auditions.

I’m positive that everything happens for a reason and what is for you will not pass you by. This is truly a chance to walk in faith, believe that great things are around the corner and take action.

The future is looking bright.


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