A lesson on g​ratitude

We often go round and round in circles in search of that big thing that’s going to fill our hearts with joy and bring us endless satisfaction.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday about living in the now. The host was saying that all we have is the current moment because the future doesn’t exist. Tomorrow never comes and we can only experience life in the present moment. And in order to fully live in the now, we have to have gratitude.

When you are open to the present moment and you allow yourself to experience it with total appreciation, you are actually receiving the best that life has to offer. And by that I mean you can experience true peace and contentment. In fact, when you interact and communicate with the rest of the world (people, nature, whatever you have in your grasps, etc.) with a sense of gratitude you can make lasting connections and notice the good in everything you see.

I was unusually tired last evening when I was at work. I work part-time as a bike courier which means cycling around town collecting meals from different restaurants and delivering them to customers in various areas of the city. I felt particularly exhausted as I didn’t eat much during the day and my city is a hilly bitch. But if I was being honest “particularly exhausted” isn’t quite right. I was feeling god-damn HANGRY! I was ready to snap at anything that got in my way.

In my hangriness, I remembered the message from the podcast. If I wanted to overcome negative emotions I would need to appreciate what I have and live in the present. So, I decided to look past my irritation and list all the things I was grateful for right then and there: my bike which gets me to where I want to go in no time at all; my healthy body and rock solid thighs; getting the chance to workout as I earn; the friendly staff and customers I encounter; feeling safe when riding at night. And the list went on…

This simple act of noticing the positives made me realise that there is joy and beauty to be found in the now. And regardless of how tired, drained or hungry I was feeling, I was able to quickly and easily raise my vibration by a small shift in focus.

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