Burning old habits

So as part of my study of Thinking into Results, I have to look at the results and outcomes in my life that I don’t want and correct them accordingly. Two specific things I wanted to change were:

1. I love biscuits. If I were heading to a deserted island, Oreos would probably be first on my essential’s list. Naturally, I have a big sweet-tooth. Thus far that hasn’t served me well.

2. Apart from cycling and dancing, I often can’t be bothered to exercise daily. It’s just not that fun and so I don’t do it.

What was suggested I do was write out a full description of my current results i.e. my lack of exercise and my annoyingly sweet tooth that’s had me addicted to biscuits and other sugary treats. I described in detail how this makes me feel too.

Afterwards I wrote out exactly what I wanted to see happen. I wrote down that I eat raw foods about 70% of the time and that I consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. I stressed how good I feel when I look into the mirror (clean skin, well hydrated, strong and athletic, etc.).

Once I wrote out this positive description, I burned the negative one and I took pleasure in watching it burn to pieces. Symbolically, I was getting rid of the results I didn’t want and destroying the old way of doing things.

Since then, I’ve been reading my positive description almost everyday and already I feel more conscious and proactive about leading a better lifestyle. For example, I make sure that I have one big smoothie per day as well as a large bowl of salad. It’s been a week already and the changeover has felt pretty effortless.

It’s equally empowering burning old habits because I know that if there’s something I want to change in my life, I have the power to do it!



7 thoughts on “Burning old habits

  1. Sommer Bauer says:

    This is awesome! Such positive changes! I think you’re totally right about the replacing a negative with a positive. You’re not restricting or depriving — you’re still getting something. So much of the personal development work that I read focuses on abundance and trying to shift out of a “lack” mindset. Seems to me you’re really shifting into abundance by enjoying fresh foods from the earth — sounds abundant to me!

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  2. akucbol says:

    So far so good. It’s something I’ve only recently started, but it is effective. I think that’s because it’s about replacing a negative directly with a positive so there isn’t that emptiness or lack.

    This week I’ve worked out 3 times already and have eaten lots of fruits and vegetables and had about 3litres of water each day. And the best thing is that I want to do. I don’t feel obliged or stressed out about it! 🙌🏿

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  3. Renard Moreau says:

    🙂 It would always be in our best interest to replace bad habits with good ones.

    Thanks for another inspirational post and do enjoy the rest of your day!


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