It’s all about habits

Usually, I’m an early riser and I prefer having a solid routine in place to kick start my day. However, last month I was pretty shaky.

After speaking to my mentor about my morning routine, she encouraged me to not focus on completing many activities, but select 2 or 3 tasks which would bring about the most value. She said it’s about prioritising what’s important instead of overloading myself with unnecessary faff.

Last month I was mostly doing 4am starts with a strong black coffee, attempting to watch one film before 6.45am. I was always so sleepy by midday. With my part-time job involving cycling around for hours per day, I was completely exhausted by Sunday. Worst of all, I wasn’t getting good sleep. Uh-uhh. Some nights I ended up having just 4 hours of sleep. Not good at all!

So, I’ve ditched the 4am start and won’t be watching any films in the morning – weekends or evenings would be much better for this.

My new goal is to wake up at 5am. This is going to a successful, habitual change because I will get into bed, having showered, moisturised and eaten, by 10pm each night. I’m preparing myself the night before so that this becomes an unshakable habit.


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