Thinking Into Results

A couple of weeks ago I started Thinking Into Results, a personal development programme with the Proctor Gallager Institute. The institute is run by Bob Proctor, a renown personal development guru, and Sally Gallager, a business entrepreneur.

The main point of the programme is to begin thinking about life in new ways. It’s about breaking old habits and putting in place new ones so that you can improve yourself and expand your potential. Essentially, you’re thinking big and developing the self-discipline to change habitual behaviours.

So, how does it work? It’s 6 month’s worth of (online) training. There are 12 modules and it takes about 2 weeks to complete each one. There’s also one video per module to be watched twice a day, preferably in the morning and before going to bed, so that the topics discussed become ingrained and part of your subconscious awareness.

In the morning I watch a video and I follow up with the worksheets. There are lots of questions I have to answer, and this is to help identify what is holding me back and what I can do to push past these obstacles.

I’ve also been assigned a personal coach and every fortnight we have a facilitation call in which they explain the current module in greater detail. Following that, we have a catch-up call where I talk about my progress and anything I’ve learned or struggled with. It’s essentially a chance to reflect, correct and praise myself for achievements made.

So far so good I’d say. I feel like my mindset is slowly changing for the better. Because the first module was about goal-setting, I was forced to really think big and use my imagination to create my future in as much detail as possible and get emotionally involved with this vision.

Sandy GallagherYes, I am very good and self-motivated when it comes to the personal development stuff because I’ve been doing it for years now. But, I think the difference here is that I’m starting a new chapter – my full-time acting career – and I want to give myself the greatest start. I’m honestly shooting for the stars at this point; I’m pushing forward with complete faith and conviction, and Thinking Into Results is showing me how to do that.

For example, two weeks ago I manifested a pretty big audition and have now got down to the final round of the recalls.

In the past I would have over thought the whole thing and doubted by ability quite a bit. In fact, I even forgot my lines in front of the director and casting director during the last recall which is a major NO NO in the world of acting. But, who kept their cool? ME. Who didn’t panic? ME. Who ended up going a good job? ME, MYSELF AND I, HONEY!!! And that definitely stems from a renewed faith in myself.

I’m ready to soar with Thinking into Results and my arms are open-wide to welcome new opportunities and extraordinary adventures.

This is my year.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Into Results

  1. akucbol says:

    I completely agreeeeee. He is so humble and he radiates so much warmth. He’s got a free programme online btw which I found on youtube called You Were Born Rich. It’s pretty good and he expands on what he talks about in The Secret. Worth checking out once you’re done with the docu film.

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