2019 will exceed all expectations


I really feel it in my core that 2019 is going to be crazy incredible. Looking back on the last year, regardless of what happened around me, I always felt pretty good.

So, looking ahead now at this fresh start and new perspective, I’ve got 6 specific goals that I’ll be working on in 2019 to push myself further. Here we go!

  1. Set quarterly and monthly goals and review them daily.
  2. Keep a health journal
  3. Practice self-care
  4. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude
  5. Learn Dinka
  6. Read a book per week

Set quarterly and monthly goals and review them daily

I think it’s great to have yearly goals, but sometimes they can feel too distant. That’s why breaking goals down into monthly and quarterly objectives makes the big ones feel easier to accomplish.

This also means I can accomplish other smaller objectives that are unrelated to my yearly goals, whilst still keeping an eye on the overall picture. And doing daily reviews will remind me to keep pushing and remain focussed.


Keep a health journal

I’ve been journaling as part of my morning routine for over a year now. It’s basically like a daily check-in, monitoring how I am emotionally, spiritually and mentally, and just being as honest with myself a possible.

A few days ago I started my health journal and because I basically report back to myself before bed, during the day I actually want to be healthy, and I want to be eating right and doing my workouts.

Practice self-care

What do I mean by self-care? Who bloody knows! I think I just want to me nice to myself, treating myself once in a while to, I dunno, maybe dinner for one, or a back massage or a bath (with every single product on sale at Lush!). Who bloody knows. Or perhaps I could just go to a book store and buy a fresh, new book.

I’m really open and easy with this objective, so I’ll see what comes of it.


Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude

As I mentioned in my previous post, being positive and optimistic in life makes living an easier and happier experience. It also attracts good people and good things, and I don’t focus or hold on the negative.


Learn Dinka

This is another goal that I’m carrying on from last year. My family and I are travelling to South Sudan later this year, so I want to communicate with my family over there who don’t really speak English.

Speaking Dinka is important to me because it connects me with my family, culture and heritage.

Read one book per week

I go through phases where I read a ton of books in like a month, then I go on pause and focus on plays or articles. In any case, I’m always reading.

Maybe this can be part of my self-care project, I dunno. But taking the time to read a book every day means I’m stimulating my imagination and learning to write more creatively.


Final note:

I don’t think these goals are especially ambitious or extraordinary (I’ve learned over the years how to set more attainable goals) but the hard thing would be balancing them with all the other aspects of my life e.g. studies, career, travels, personal development projects, etc. Still, I know when there’s a will, there’s always a way.


What are your new objectives for 2019?

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