Reading my old blog posts

I’ve been reading some of the entries from my beginner days on WordPress way back in early 2015. I created my blog to talk about my goals and share my journey with absolutely anyone who’d care to listen!

In my earlier posts I was mostly focussing on getting into drama school and preparing for a solid career as an actor. Four years later, so much has happened in my life and so much has changed: some downs, but many, many, many more ups. Thankfully.

I’m so proud to say that my fighting spirit hasn’t left me. I’m still advancing in my acting career and my self-belief has never been stronger.

Because I’m older I naturally have more confidence and self-assurance, which is a good thing to build on in the future.

Other keys achievements include: learning french and living in France for 7 months, getting my first role on a Netflix show, going on countless solo trips abroad and continuing with blogging.

One thing that I’m a little surprised about is I don’t have as many friends as I used to. I probably speak to a few regularly, and most new people I meet are much older than me. And that’s neither a good or bad thing, just an observation.

I wrote a lot about optimism and positivity, and those are two things I want to hold onto as I strive towards fulfilling my dreams. I want to be optimistic about life, open towards others and feel positive and present in every moment.

Here’s to another 4 years of growth and happiness!


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