Finding the right path

I feel like I’ve been steaming ahead on this new path of personal development and entrepreneurship which is such a blessing. At this stage I have no doubt that I’m on the right path and let me tell you why.

1. Emotions:

I’m super, super, super happy. I get excited just thinking about some of the upcoming projects and events. For example, I just came back from a training day with the Coach Academy where I met loads of aspiring coaches, different ages, backgrounds and from different walks of life. Now that is cool. I left feeling grateful, optimistic and certain that I will get qualified real soon!

2. “I can feel it in my bodyyyy”

There’s a certain feeling in your gut when things are meant to be. There’s also the voice in your head that’s not putting you down at all, but saying encouraging things like “Go for it, girl!” or “Oiiiiiiiii oiiiii!”. And if you know me, you know how positively I respond to this kind of encouragement.

3. A desire to follow through:

I’m booked to attend about 8 seminars over the holidays on personal development and being an entrepreneur. I also have 3-4 hours of coaching with a professional life coach, and all I want to do is fast forward and get there already. Each opportunity is a chance to learn, rub shoulders with the masters in the game and expand in all directions (physically if there’s gonna be free food too! :D)

4. Seeing results:

More informed decisions are being made and priorities are changing, albeit quite slowly. But hey, progress is progress.
The more time I dedicate to my education and development, the stronger I’ll be as time goes by. I can only imagine how wonderful I’ll feel this time next year if I continue on with this exciting, new path.

Woo woo!

The train is heerrreee!


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