My Mastermind Group

I created a Mastermind Group recently which includes myself and two of my good friends who are also actors. The purpose of the group is for us to share tips and advice on the acting industry as well as stuff on motivation, money and personal development.

Our Mastermind Group has a WhatsApp conversation where we talk ideas, knowledge and share what we learn daily. We like to post motivational videos from YouTube, discuss new movies and plays, recommend articles and blog posts, and networking opportunities and events.

We plan on having a weekly Mastermind Catch-up – a 1h video call where we talk about the challenges faced during the past week, what was achieved and what we plan on doing before the next Mastermind Catch-up.

I’m actually thinking about dressing the part for the next one, like wear something that screams “CEO OF AN INSANELY SUCCESSFUL COMPANY”. And since it’s a skype call, I could just wear a fancy blouse on top and still have my pjs and slippers on bottom. I mean, who would know, right?

Yesterday’s Catch-up was our first one and it was SPEC-TAC-U-LARRRR. We were all buzzing to get together and talk because it just further inspires each of us on our individual journeys. It also holds us accountable for our actions and pushes us to do exactly what we said we were going to achieve.

Personally I love having my Mastermind Group because it keeps me on track with my goals, and I’m constantly discovering new habits to make my life more productive, more organised and more fulfilled. I think collectively we have the right mindset.

I would encourage you to create your own Mastermind Group with some people around you who are striving for something better. It could include people from your industry or maybe a completely different one; and it doesn’t even have to be a huge group – it could just be you and another person. The key here is to just get started!


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