Entrepreneurial Mindset

So next year I want to get my coaching business on the road and explore different business ventures.

I have a few plans with one of my best friends and we’ve already got exciting project ideas (top secret stuff!). But I guess to be fully prepared for whatever comes my way, I’m going to attend workshops, seminars and conferences on mostly business, but some on personal development too.

The main point is to meet new people in the business world, get inspired and get creative. I also want to find a good mentor to teach me how to become a better entrepreneur. It makes sense to learn from the best, right!?

I’ve discovered the app Shapr which is basically like Tinder BUT FOR PROFESSIONALS. It connects you to like-minded people, helps you find career opportunities or even mentors.

And since it’s not a dating app: no steamy dates, booty calls or pillow talk allowed!

My first event is a workshop on public speaking. Even though I’m an actor and I perform on stage all the time, public speaking is still a big challenge for me because I can’t hide behind a character in a fancy costume. It’s just me on stage being me, and that takes a lot of guts.

For this workshop, which is run by Toastmasters Club, I’ll need to prepare and deliver a new speech. I have no idea what I’ll talk about, maybe something related to self-confidence I think, but I still have a few days to brainstorm ideas and get writing… Maybe I should get onto that pretty soon, actually.

Fingers crossed for a silky-smooth delivery.


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