Jordan: day 4 – 6

If you missed the start of my adventures in Jordan, worry not. Catch it all here: Jordan: Day 1 — 3

And now for part two…

So, I was on set filming on my 4th day which was so amazing. To be able to live out my dream of being an actor is the biggest blessing. Sadly, I’m not allowed to talk about this project until in airs – my lips are sealed!

In the evening once I was wrapped I headed to the National Gallery of Fine Arts. I’m not much of an art person (I prefer history museums or war museums, etc.) so I didn’t love the artwork, but I was exposed to works by artists from across the Middle East.

I spent the rest of that evening reading and sipping rose tea in the gallery’s quirky terrace cafe.

On my fifth day I visited Mount Nebo, the holy mountain from which Moses saw the Promised Land. It was a good drive to get there and at every moment the views of the land below were so stunning. I stayed in the area until evening to catch the sunset over the Dead Sea. Magic.


I also visited the Memorial Church of Moses where I found lots of mosaics from the Byzantine period when they ruled the territory between 324 – 635 AD.

Day 6 I was back filming on set. (And my lips are still sealed.)

Later that night I went to a Lebanese restaurant called Shams El Babab, which was really boujee looking from the outside, and yet surprising cosy on the inside. Prices were decent too – surprise, surprise. I don’t know what I ate, but I know it tasted real good, and I will be back sooner than you know it for round two. I caught up with my friend afterwards for drinks since that was my final night in the country.

One thing I love about eating out in Jordan is the portion sizes. Ooohh Jesus. They know how to feed you. It’s not like in England where you get served kiddies’ portions for the cost of a day’s rent. I’m exaggerating. Ok. Yes, I know. But you get what I mean.

The next morning I was picked up from the InterContinental Hotel by 5.45am, on the plane at 8.45am (business class just to clarify :D) and touched down in London at 11.45am. All of that before midday!

Jordan is a very special place with wonder people, and I think it’s their friendly nature that made me fall in love with the country. There’s so much more to see so I know this isn’t the end.

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