I made it to 3rd year!

Finally the time has come. I’m in my last year of drama school. Halleluuuujah!

My first show later this month is ‘Attempts on her Life’ by Martin Crimp and in December I perform in “Peter Pan”.

During the final year of drama school there’s always a showcase for industry professionals. We have to perform in two contrasting scenes (around 5 minutes long) with a different actor in each. The aim is to show off what you can do in terms of acting ability, accents and how you work with others.

Most people get signed by an agent after showcase, but for those who don’t there’s a final play that we do in the summer for an audience of industry professionals – another chance to get noticed!

Throughout the year we’ll have classes in Professional Practice. These classes focus on bridging the gap between drama school and the world of world; we’ll have Q&As with casting directors, directors, agents and we’ll look into things like self-tapes, social media presence and CVs.

Last week, for example, we had Q&As with Laura Donnelly (casting director for National Theatre Scotland) and Simone Pereira-Hind (Edinburgh-based casting director).

Personally, I’m itching to make things happen and focus on my career, and since I was filming last month I want to get back into the swing of doing my craft EVERY SINGLE DAY. I see my final year as an opportunity to strengthen my weakness and make contacts within the industry.

Growing up I didn’t really watch films – I ate a lot and played outside – so my film knowledge is generally lacking at the moment. However, I’m trying to get through IMDB’s top rated movies before the end of 2018. So far I’ve seen 55/250 films so I’ve got 195 to go, which works out as approximately 15 per week. That is A LOT of movies to watch in a short period of time and I don’t know if I’ll always be able to do it. I guess all I can do is try my best, right?

Another thing that I’m doing is constantly researching. After watching a film, play or hearing about something arts-related, I make a note of it and research it later. I’m always listening to the radio and reading articles too. This has helped me to stay well-informed about the industry, as well as what’s happening in the wider world, which is an important thing to do no matter the field you’re in.

I want to develop a strong, work ethic. That is, I want to be punctual, organised and proactive during all my rehearsals, and make sure I’m pushing myself and contributing positively to the work.

I’ll be continuing with weekly dance classes in Afrobeats and dancehall, and as part of my Negotiated Choice Module – a class where I choose whatever I want to study – I’ll be taking piano lessons. I used to play the piano in my teens, but as it’s been a while so I’m on the rustier side.

Hold tight for big things!

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