How to outwork your competition

If you were to wake up a few hours earlier than usual, over the long run you could easily outwork any competition that might stand in your way.

Usually I wake up at 6am so let’s say I get up at 4am instead. Those extra hours in the morning would allow me to invest more in my craft as well as my personal development, which is something I know the vast majority of aspiring and working actors don’t do.

Two extra hours of focussed work each morning – whether that is reading a book, watching a film, learning a language, researching the industry, reading a play, practicing lines or a new accent, exercising or even writing – would add up to 14 extra hours of professional/personal development per week, the equivalent of 2 additional “working days”.

Imagine after one month that would be an extra 8 “working days” added to the calendar. And after 12 months that would mean more than 100 “working days” gained in total.

There are many successful people who have consistently got up early in the morning to put in work, whilst the rest of the world was sleeping, and rose to the top of their fields including Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant and Mark Wahlberg.

In short, setting the alarm back by just two hours each day equates to way more knowledge, growth, focus and productivity, and this routine would easily make even the bravest of your competitors tremble.


3 thoughts on “How to outwork your competition

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    🙂 Brilliant advice. My day starts at 3:00 AM; I like getting up before the sun has a chance to show itself in the sky.

    And, to be successful in anything that we do, need to invest extra time into it.

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