“Failing to prepare is planning to fail.”

I don’t want to be late anymore. I just can’t do it!

I’ve never been late to an audition or an interview – for some reason that just doesn’t happen to me. But I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to text a friend, colleague or classmate with “Running a lil late. Be there as soon as I can. Sorry.”

It’s annoying, frustrating and it suggests that I’m extremely unreliable.

Whilst trying to identify the real problem, I noticed that I’m always up early and active throughout the day, many hours before whatever scheduled meeting. However, what I tend to do is not really prepare myself in advance.

For example, I was supposed to meet a friend yesterday at 1:30pm. I wasn’t ready to leave my place until 1:45pm. Why? I hadn’t eaten lunch, I didn’t pack my bag in time or choose my outfit, and I still needed to brush my teeth and do my hair.

“Failing to prepare is planning to fail.”

What I need to be doing is considering in advance, either early in the morning or the night before, how much time it will take me to get ready and actually give myself the required time to prepare. That means I need to stop whatever I’m doing and prepare myself so that I can leave my house on time.

It won’t necessarily be easy to change my bad habits but I definitely need to give it a try now more than ever, and make it my priority to be early. I used to hate arriving somewhere in advance because I thought I was wasting my time. I now see that it’s better to arrive ahead of schedule and just read a book or listen to a podcast, etc., than to be late!

One of my best friend shared this quote with me a while ago. I’m going to pin it to my wall so that I can read it everyday:

“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”


9 thoughts on ““Failing to prepare is planning to fail.”

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    🙂 Your friend is right. The way we do something reflects in everything that we do. For example, if a person is in the habit of not completing projects, there is a very high chance of them not completing the drafts to their blog posts.

    I really enjoyed this one!

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  2. Renard Moreau says:

    🙂 I do not have that problem, because I am a very disciplined blogger. I stick with the drafts for my blog posts until they are finished.

    If you visit my blog, you will get an idea of how serious I am about blogging.

    Blogging has become a lifestyle for me; I embrace it fully.


  3. akucbol says:

    It’s a really good reminder I think to strive to be better in all aspects/areas of life instead of neglecting certain things.

    Were you not completing your drafts for blog posts?

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