Being Proactive

I’ve established a new morning routine to increase my productivity and organise my day. I’d say over the last month or so I wasn’t implementing much of a routine because I was on holiday and I was performing too, so everything was a bit up in the air. But now I’m back on it and I’m feeling better than ever.

My final year of drama school is fast approaching and there’s lots of things I need to do now to prepare for a successful year. Because I’m waking up early in the morning I have the time to pray, meditate, go through my affirmations, workout and send a ton of emails to industry professionals – I’ve had many positive responses and I’m already making great contacts. In fact, in just a few days I’ve managed to in significantly increase my visibility as an actor, and that will really count in the months to come.

Right before I go to bed each night I write out a to-do list so that in the morning I’m prepared and I know exactly what I need to do from the minute I wake up. It’s funny that. Only like last week was I feeling unproductive and idle, as if I was doing a lot of floating about. However, throughout the day as I tick off the tasks and activities completed, I feel super proud of myself because I know I’m being very proactive, autonomous and paving the way for success.


2 thoughts on “Being Proactive

  1. charlesjli says:

    Thank you for dropping by my blog Akuc. Took a look at your blog and really like your blog and what you are about. 🙂 Keep up the good work and I’m sure your hard work will continue to pay off. Good luck with your final year of drama school and your acting career as well! 😀

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