Ryan Coogler is an inspiration!

When I saw ‘Black Panther’ in the cinema I was blown away. I loved how gripping the story was and I especially appreciated the way in which the director, Ryan Coogler, honoured different african cultures and the role of black woman in society.

The film was majestic, truthful and beautiful, and throughout I felt proud and blessed to be able to watch and experience the film as a young black woman and as an actor too.

When I got home I started researching Ryan Coogler to see what else he had done. Considering the magnitude of ‘Black Panther’ and the amount of work it took to create such a phenomenal piece of work, I was surprised to see that Ryan had only a few films under his belt. Equally surprising was that he’d also won quite a lot of awards including 2 NAACP Image Awards, Prix de l’Avenir d’Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival and Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival; all this despite only being 31 years old!

Over the last two days I managed to watch loads interviews of him online as well as some of his other films including ‘Creed’ and ‘Fruitvale Station’.

‘Fruitvale Station’ is based on a true story and I literally cried so much because it’s just a horrendously painful ending for an innocent, loving, generous man. It exposes the unjust system that currently exists in the USA with regards to police brutality and racial divisions. I was brought to tears because I was completely immersed in world of the film, but I also felt equally defeated and disempowered.

I have to admit it’s truly amazing how much intimacy Ryan was about to create for his audience.

Basically, what I wanted to say is that I’m so excited to see what’s next for this incredibly talented, sensitive and hard-working director. I feel so inspired to push through on my own path towards becoming a successful actor, and I hope to be able to share important stories and encourage people to view the world from a different perspective.

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