30 day miracle morning.

As I’ve almost finished “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, I’ll be starting my ‘miracle morning challenge’ tomorrow, Monday 12th March. This is what my morning routine will look like for the next 30 days:

5am: wake up + drink water

5-5:30am: write in my journal (more on this on my post Morning Pages)

5:30-6am: prayer, meditation, affirmations + visualisation

6-7am: workout + stretch

7-7:45am: shower + breakfast

7-45-8:15am: read


I’m already used to waking up at 5am so I don’t expect the early start to be an issue. However, to make sure that I’m not wasting my time I’ll have to do some basic prep the night before like pack my bag, choose my outfit for the day and prepare my lunch.

Typically, I switch my phone off before getting into bed and I don’t turn it on until I leave the house in the morning. I’ll have to continue this so that there’s no social media/emails/general browsing nonsense to distract me.

My aim is to be in bed by 10pm so that I can get 7 solid hours of rest. If not, I’ll be chugging down the coffee like there’s no tomorrow.

Wish me luck!



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