Paris, I’m here

I arrived in Paris last week on Wednesday and I started at my new school, le Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique, the following day.

So far I looooove the school. The students and staff are super friendly and welcoming, and I feel like I’ve been studying here a lot longer than just 4 days!

In terms of the classes I am doing classical text, dance, voice, theatre history and a special class for those whose first language isn’t french. I’m most excited about my classical text classes because the focus is on ‘Mithridate’ by Racine and ‘Suréna’ by Corneille who are both amazing old-school writers, on the same level as Shakespeare in terms of difficulty and complexity.

Ma classe et moi

It’s a very big challenge tackling such work because it’s very high level french. Nonetheless, I love a good challenge and the whole point of this experience is to make me grow and develop, not stay the same, so I’m very optimistic about it all. We’ll be performing scenes from these plays to a public audience in June; and the audience will consists of industry professionals too, so I must, must, must give my all and slaaayyy!

Paris is a lively city with great history and therefore there’s a lot for me to discover and experience. Every weekend for the next few months I’m planning on visiting a new arrondissement (Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements in total). This means that I’ll probably know the city pretty damn well by the time I leave.

I want to discover french vegan food, literature, cinema, theatre, parisian culture, etc. and I want to fully make the most of my time here. When the sun finally comes out living in Paris will be extraordinary, let me tell you! I expect to meet loads of interesting, hilarious and cool people along the way as well.

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2 thoughts on “Paris, I’m here

  1. Ivery says:

    Hello Akuc,

    Congratulations on getting and settling into CNSAD!

    I just wanted to ask, if you would be returning to RCS? Or could you continue onto your third year without having to start off the 1st or 2nd year again?

    Take care & Best wishes,



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