Morning Pages

I’ve recently started this new thing called ‘Morning Pages’. Basically, the first thing I do after my alarm rings is write. I write and write until I’ve filled three whole pages in my notebook.

The purpose of the ‘Morning Pages’ is to provide some clarity, encourage you to be honest with yourself and unblock your creativity. I quite like writing every morning now because: I’m able to address issues that I would otherwise ignore (like paying my outstanding gas and electricity bills from 2016 which I ignored for way too long…), plan my day in order to be as productive as possible, and get rid of negative energy whilst imbuing myself with a feeling of optimism and purpose.

What I love most about this ritual is that it promotes openness and self-awareness, which I think is key to feeling good each day and understanding yourself.

‘Morning Pages’ is essentially a form of free-writing. You can write the same sentence over and over again if that is all that’s on your mind, thought that will be highly unlikely. There is no pressure to write eloquently or coherently or come up with something that would be useful later on. The aim is to simply release all the thoughts and ideas that may trigger a negative mindset or block your creativity. And you must write three pages. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whilst doing this task in the morning I often ask myself questions like “Should I do X or Y today?”. Because I give myself the chance to think clearly without any distractions, in a way I get to have a frank conversation with myself. Therefore, I always end up writing down some valid answers and solving problems that, up until now, seemed quite unsolvable and also releasing a ton of stress too.

You could say that these ‘morning pages’ are a bit like therapy.

I’ve taken this new habit from a book I’m reading at the moment called ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron, which I cannot recommend enough. Julia really help you let go of past events that are currently hindering your creative capacities. She asks important questions whilst providing in depth understanding about the effects of our core beliefs on our creative potential, mindset and long-run motivation.

I’ve copied a link below where you can find out more about ‘The Artist’s Way’, the ‘Morning Pages’ and more of Julia Cameron’s work. Most posts to come about this incredible book.

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