Keeping the faith in 2018: new year, new goals!

I’ve decided that my motto for this year will be “Keep the faith”. That means that no matter what happens in 2018 I will keep believing that great things are ahead and always remain hopeful. As with every year I have chosen specific goals that will help to expand my potential, bring more peace into my life and help me to see the world from a different perspective.
Towards the end of 2017 I became very lazy and idle, and I think it might have been because I was overambitious and gave myself too many goals to achieve and too many things to focus on throughout that year.

For 2018, therefore, I have chosen 5 clear things I want to do before the year is up. And to ensure that I remain on track I will document my progress on a monthly basis (rather than every few months as I have done in the past). So without further ado, let’s do this…


  1. Learn to speak Dinka

Dinka is the language spoken by my tribe in South Sudan. I do not speak it well but I can understand a lot of it because I grew up with my parents speaking the language to each other and occasionally giving me and my sisters orders in Dinka. Because I have a huge family back in South Sudan, many of whom don’t speak English at all, learning my mother tongue will help me to connect with them.

I’ve also always felt that not speaking Dinka has in many ways prevented me from getting to know all of my Sudanese heritage because it’s been that much more difficult to access the culture and communicate with people.

Since my parents both speak Dinka I will be using them to learn the language. That said, because I’ll be away from home most of the time I will have to do a lot of the work alone. But there are some useful resources online – I can download audio clips and get vocab lists too. And if I keep the faith and have courage, I’m 100% sure I’ll end up making consistent progress throughout the year.


2. Take weekly dance classes

I love, love, love dancing, especially to afrobeats and dancehall, and I think it will be so much fun to go to classes and become quite skilled at it. In fact, I’ve been thinking about developing a new skill this year that will improve my CV as an actor.

My first dance class of the year will be an Afrofusion class in 2 days and I’ll be going with my bestie too so I cannot wait!


3. Travel outside of Europe at least once

In the last few years I’ve done quite a bit of travelling, however it’s mostly been in Europe. I want to experience more of the world and step out of my comfort zone. So this year I will visit a new country far, far away. I have plenty of countries that I would like to see so I’ve got a bit thinking/planning to do. Still, the day I board that long-haul flight I will probably shed a billion tears of joy!


4. Develop my spirituality and faith

In the last few months I returned to church (after about 5 years) and started praying daily. It feels so good to pray and it’s now become a significant part of my daily routine. As I really struggled recently with my emotional well-being and motivation, going to church helped to rebalance my life and imbue me with a sense of hope.

To develop my faith in the upcoming year I am going to attend church service every Sunday and hopefully find a bible-study growth group. I want to strengthen my faith and become more of the person that I am destined to be.

The crucial thing with this goal is consistency and being proactive. I hope to find a great church while I’m in Paris too.


5. Be open, positive and optimistic

I find it so incredibly magical when people are nice and open towards me. It is just so touching and it serves as a wonderful reminder that the world is filled with so much kindness and love. I want people to feel good around me and I want to lift people up, not pull them down. The best way I can do this is, I think, by being open and positive towards others.

In terms of the future, I know that being optimistic will attract blessings into my life which will have a ripple effect on those around me. Plus it also feels good to be happy and optimistic everyday.

So there we are. These are my goals and I pray I achieve them and much more in 2018!



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