Let’s restart

I have been absent from the blogging sphere these last few months… Well, honestly, I’ve been running away from blogging because I was feeling lazy, indifferent and uninspired by life.

I had a very eventful and exciting summer, and I’ve more than grateful for the really awesome experiences I’ve had. However, by the time I got back to uni in late September I was just taking everyday as it came. Despite the fact that I was starting a new academic year, I didn’t set a single goal for myself, I was unprepared for (and quite critical of) the Shakespeare project that we’d just started and I think I was pretty cold towards most people too.

I can’t explain why I felt this way but I know that I spiraled rapidly into a state of self-pity, boredom and indifference for way too long. I needed to do something about the problem, but I just chose to avoid it instead, assuming it would fix itself somehow. I’m not sure how many people noticed my change in behaviour, as I did put on a front most days, but it’s definitely not something that I want to continue into the next year.

I hope that by writing out my thoughts in this post, and by being honest with myself, I can refresh my mind, regain control of things and become genuinely excited by the future again.

In a few weeks I will be performing ‘Julius Caesar’ at RCS to a public audience with my class. I’m also moving to Paris and starting my exchange placement over there. New opportunities will arise as well as new challenges so I need to make sure that I’m ready, feeling healthy and stable, and open to everything around me.

Here’s to a fresh start in 2018.



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