More from Greece!

Greece was amazingly, fantastically, exceptionally, incredibly, beautifully brilliant and it was an unforgettable first visit to the country. The weather was divine, the beaches were stunning and the people were exceptionally friendly and warm.

I visited Athens, Serifos and Syros during an 11-day adventure which was plenty of time to explore everything as a solo traveller. Whilst on the islands I stayed in small apartments that were all walking distance from the ports, good beaches, historical sites and decent restaurants.

I especially liked Athen’s backpackers, the hostel I stayed at whilst in the capital city, because the staff were extremely friendly, knowledgable and it was a very social hostel so I met loads of people from around the world.

One big highlight of my trip was definitely driving the scooter through the mountains in Syros with the wind blowing through my blonde braids in order to get to the Galissas beach.

In terms of food, Greek cuisine is mediocre. I think they do meat options very well and everyone I dined with really loved all their meals. However, all of the vegan options I had my mum makes regularly and her cooking is way better so there isn’t really any comparison at all. It’s quite interesting though because there are many similarities between Greek and Sudanese food. The ingredients are the same but the flavouring and spices are very different. Still, vegan or non-vegan, it’s definitely worth having a taste of Greek cuisine.

I don’t know when then next trip is but I’m hoping I can get abroad once more before the end of the year. Here are the rest of the photos from my holiday.

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