So far so good in Greece!

It’s day 7 and I’m just over halfway through my trip in sunny Greece.

I spent the first 3 days in the capital, Athens, and the rest on the peaceful and mesmerising Serifos Island. Later this afternoon I head to Syros Island which is a little bigger and busier than Serifos, but should be quite tranquil, nonetheless, as it is not high season.

I loved Athens because of its rich history and the fact that everywhere you turn you can see a monument that attests to that; so many ancient ruins can be found across the city. My highlight was definitely the walking tour. Although it lasted 3 hours, I didn’t really notice the time go by because I was thoroughly engrossed by all the information our fantastic guide shared with us all.

So far in Serifos I have been exploring a different beach everyday. I have been to Lividakia, Psili Ammos and Ganema, the latter being my preference: soft, sandy coastline with clear turquoise waters, Ganema is really a beautiful gem known to so few travellers. I think I could easily spend the rest of my holiday alternating between dipping in the cool sea and resting under the shade of a tree on that beautiful beach.

On day 6 I went to Chora, the capital of Serifos and the highest point on the island, to watch sunset. The views were so stunning I thought I was going to literally burst. I’m so grateful that I caught it all on camera too.

I came to Greece as a solo traveller but I immediately met some friendly people (at my hostel in Athens and while out and about discovering the city), one of whom I have continued to travel with. It’s such a blessing to connect with other travellers, regardless of age or origin, and share these new experiences together.

Here are some pictures of my journey so far. For daily updates follow me on insta (@akucbol) and snapchat (@akuc_bol).

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