End of day 1: Introduction to Life Coaching

Simply put, today was absolutely amazing. I finished Day 1 of my ‘Introduction to Life Coaching’ and I feel extremely inspired and super, super excited for the future.

The seminar was run by The Coaching Academy who offer various programmes to train people to become life coaches within a specific field e.g. coaching for the youth, small business coaching or coaching within the corporate world.

I didn’t have many expectations prior to today. I came to the seminar with an open mind, hoping to gain some new techniques that could facilitate my own personal development and boost my motivation; and I definitely wasn’t expecting the day to be half as engaging or inspiring as it was.

So, what is a life coach? A life coach is someone who helps other people achieve specific goals. More precisely, a life coach helps people to move from where they are right now, to where they want to be, and the aim is to do this more quickly and more effectively that if someone had attempted to do so on their own.

Life coaching is different from therapy in the sense that with therapy you are dealing with distress and difficult experiences, either current or past, and you would discuss your feelings and behavior with your therapist.

On the other hand, life coaches are focussed on positively improving your performance in whatever area of your choice, aiming to further expand your potential. Since I love motivating people anyway, and want to become a motivational speaker one day, life coaching seems right up my street.

It was a pretty long day overall; registration started at 9:30am and we were finished by 5:30pm. But from start to finish I was learning so much about the profession and I was given very simple, yet highly effective, techniques that can be used to inspire and encourage others to achieve something important and worthwhile.

What I like most about life coaching, and what I find exceptionally powerful and encouraging, is that a life coach doesn’t advise people what to say, think or feel, nor do they instruct others as to how they should behave. Instead, through active listening and engagement, they empower people to think for themselves and to identify solutions to their problems. And, over time, as a person learns to regularly develop ideas and options for solving their issues, they become a more independent, pragmatic and confident person.

For me, there is something truly magical about seeing someone overcoming their own struggle–no matter how big or small–and purposefully, and autonomously, choosing the path that they wish to follow.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the seminar and I met a ton of incredible people from different walks of life, different ages, backgrounds, etc., who are passionate about living life to the fullest and are equally passionate about helping other people too.

Tomorrow is the second and final day of my ‘Introduction to Life Coaching’, so I look forward to finding out more information about this career option, and I hope to expand on all that I have learned thus far. I cannot wait!

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