‘Crush it: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion’ by Gary Vaynerchuk

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Crush It’, which only took me a matter of hours, because the style is very honest, engaging and to the point.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media entrepreneur, wine connoisseur and CEO based in the USA. He has successfully utilised various social media platforms to promote his business Wine Library, eventually becoming a sought-after expert on entrepreneurship and social media marketing. He’s also established himself as a great businessman and investor, all the while continuing to grow his enormous online following. As of today he has over 800,000 subscribers on Youtube, 1.52 million followers on Twitter and 2.1 million likes on his Facebook page. Incredible, right?


The book itself is an easy read and Gary’s no-nonsense approach to sharing the truth really gets you hooked and engrossed from start to finish. I’ve definitely learned a lot of new information and some awesome tips and tricks which I’ll soon be implementing.

So below I have summarised some key points that I thought were especially useful and worth sharing. Here we go!


Focus on your passion

We all deserve to live a fruitful life where we are motivated and energised every single day to go to work and do exactly what we love. Your passion is that one thing you can spend all your time doing because it gives you so much joy and pleasure. And your passion, whether that is sailing, acting, mathematics, DIY, observing insects or being a parent, will be the basis of your new business.


Build your personal brand

The power of social media makes it super simple to be someone and create a business, and that business revolves around your biggest passion.

You build your brand by sharing content online using one of the many social platforms. If you love watching films and you do it all the time, you can share film reviews in the form of a podcast. Or if you are obsessed with making your own stuff you could share DIY videos on Youtube. The platform that you choose should correspond with your strengths and what you feel most comfortable doing. For example, I’m not particularly interested in creating videos and being in front of the camera (ironic since I am an actor…), but I really like writing which is why I have chosen blogging as the best way to connect with others and share my voice.

And your voice, if you are being honest and authentic, will mean something to people out there. By regularly sharing and uploading good content, you will slowly be able to attract others who also have a passion for your passion. Hashtag PASSION!

Gary affirms several times that a great brand will attract investors and other entrepreneurs who have the skills to really expand what you have been creating.



Being true to yourself is the best approach for creating your business because every decision you make and everything that you share with your audience is real and truthful. And you are more likely to gain a loyal following if you have transparency in all that you do.



Making money

Gary shares many ways to make money from the business you have created. This includes advertising, speaking engagements, affiliate programmes and seminars, and of course he goes into a lot more detail in the book for each of these topics. When you have managed to attain a significant following with your brand then you can expect/aim for book deals, TV appearances and consulting sessions.



I would say that this is perhaps the most important point in the book and the one that really spoke to me. You will never become an overnight sensation nor will you suddenly start reeling in millions and millions of pounds in advertising revenue. It just doesn’t happen like that in the business world so it’s best we let go of that idea ASAP!

Building your brand and your business will take a lot of time, dedication and commitment. Slow and steady wins the race. But, if you do put in work for the long haul and adapt to the challenges and changes that present themselves along the way, you will have something that truly thrives in the long run.


Overall, I highly, highly, highly recommend ‘Crush It’ and I know it’s a book I’ll come back to again and again. I would encourage anyone and everyone to read it and consider taking their passion from a simple hobby to a rewarding online business.


You can get the book from amazon here:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crush-Time-Cash-Your-Passion

Gary Vaynerchuk’s website: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com



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6 thoughts on “‘Crush it: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion’ by Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. Run Wright says:

    I haven’t posted a lot of reviews, just mostly for books I received from publishers but I do have some on my site.
    Here goes for some more Non Fiction recommendations: Anything by Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin, Originals by Adam Grant and Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer. These are books I read and really enjoyed in the last year.


  2. Run Wright says:

    Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of fiction. Are you interested in that? For Non Fiction, I am on a Seth Godin binge and reading a lot of his little tokens. I also have Randall Munroe’s What If on my list for August.


  3. akucbol says:

    Yaasss girl! Thank you, I really appreciate that. Imma follow you right back! What books are you reading at the moment? I’m always looking for great recommendations !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Run Wright says:

    Hey. I just found you via a comment on Skylarity blog and I love that you’e following your dream and reading some of the same books I enjoy. I just followed and look forward to reading more from you about you living your dream life. Kudos to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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