Summer Self-Improvement Challenge

I want to put myself out there by trying a few new things over the coming weeks. Because I’m currently at home in London, I do feel the need to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. So, I’ve picked 4 exciting activities which will hopefully spice up my life and expand my potential. Et voilà:



Although I’ve only written one poem in my life, which was about colourism in the black community, in general, the response was fantastic and very encouraging, but I do feel like I’m in unknown territory when I think about creative writing. That said, it is a skill I want to develop and further explore.

There is no correct starting place when it comes to creative writing and poetry. Therefore, I’m just going to give myself a stimulus and write whatever I want in whatever format. I may write down my thoughts at the end of the day or perhaps first thing in the morning. Who knows!

To be honest, I have no real expectations with this. I just want to learn something new about poetry, my voice and my style of writing. The only requirement I’m setting is to write daily – other than that anything goes!




I used to play the piano as a kid and reached grade 7 in my teens. Sadly, I stopped about 5/6 years ago and haven’t touched a piano ever since – my keyboard has been trapped under my bed collecting dust for way too long… On top of this, I haven’t really looked at music sheets in years so I know I’ll be EXTREMELY rusty!

I do remember thoroughly enjoying my piano lessons, so I want to reconnect with these good memories and hopefully continue for as long as possible. It’s an ideal skill to have as an actor so it would be worth investing in this whilst I still have a few years of training to complete.

Whilst searching for a teacher I will be practicing everyday for 1 hour using my old music books. Wish me luck…




Since I blog regularly and use social media to promote my blog, I think it would be useful to properly understand how this big beast really works.

To start with, I shall read a google-searched list of recommended books on social marketing and social media, and watch as many lectures/ TED talks online as possible. As my knowledge increases I can take the necessary steps to implement this new information, strengthen my online presence and grow my blog.

I definitely feel that great opportunities will arise from this. Hold tight!




As I’m studying in Paris pretty soonish, I want to get into the habit of speaking French more regularly. Besides, it’s always interesting discussing with people from around the world and learning about a different way of life.

The aim is to meet up with Francophones who are new to London, wander around the town, show them some of my favourite places in my home city or grab a smoothie together and just chat.

I’ve done this sort of thing in the past and have always loved it. Although the people I met were only in London for a short period of time, they brought a real freshness into my life and inspired me to travel some more. And the cool thing is that our paths would not have crossed otherwise had I not put myself out there and reached out to them.

I’ll be using Conversation Exchange to connect with some Frenchies. I’ve messaged a few Parisians too so hopefully we can meet up when I finally head to Paris.

Let the adventures begin!





Copyright © 2017 Akuc Bol


5 thoughts on “Summer Self-Improvement Challenge

  1. Run Wright says:

    I need a Francophone to practice the language with too. I have been trying to become fluent in French for years now and there is nothing preventing me from finding a group since I live in the melting pot of NYC but I just need to make it a goal that I work towards. Thanks for this apt reminder.


  2. thewaasblog says:

    Agreed 😊 Stepping out of your comfortable zone is extremely important towards new growth ‼️


  3. akucbol says:

    Thank u Ella! These things will be easy to commit to because I’m curious about them. I have my first piano lesson tomorrow morning which will be awesome. Can’t wait!


  4. Ella says:

    The great things about your challenges are that they are things you can work towards as and when, and most importantly, fun. Good luck AB! Have a great time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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