Self-love and why you need it!

One of the most fundamental lessons that I have learned in the last year has been to do with self-love and why it is so necessary to have a positive relationship with myself. But before we get stuck into things, I will firstly explain what exactly this all means.


Self-love is essentially knowing who you are, being aware of all your qualities and values, and appreciating everything that you are and all that you embody, strengths and weaknesses included. It is about taking pride in the person that you are today and honouring all that you stand for, no matter the circumstances.


Moreover, self-love is about building a healthy and nurturing relationship with yourself – I would compare the bond to that of a mother and child in the sense that the love is unconditional and a mother’s intention is alway to support, protect and build her child up.


In other words, we must be our own cheerleaders.


Having self-love is crucial within my profession because being an actor significantly revolves around appearances and first impressions. Furthermore, given that the market is inundated with performers, from the eager amateur to the extremely renowned, there is consequently so much competition and rivalrous tension.


Naturally, it is quite easy for us performers to feel insecure and inept since we must endure constant comparisons and judgements, and these opinions can determine whether or not we secure the job.

That said, it does require a lot of maturity to realise that we are still worthy and talented even if the role that we so desperately wanted is given to somebody else.


I think that developing a good relationship with myself will protect and shield from the harsh realities of my profession and mitigate the inevitable rejection. Having self-love will ensure that I am filled with self-appreciation, confidence and self-assurance throughout my training, all the while knowing who I am and what I have to offer.


Henceforth, each day – either under my breath or aloud – I will repeat several times:


“I love myself and I am worthy.”


Doing this would definitely make some people feel uncomfortable and apprehensive because in today’s society we are so accustomed to running away from our personal issues and insecurities; we rarely spend time on our own and self-reflection is often an arduous or burdensome activity.

Overcoming our problems demands courage and perseverance, of course, and it will undoubtedly be a challenge to take that first step and begin the journey of self-love and appreciation.


Nevertheless, if you persevere, stand tall and continue to work on yourself, the opportunities for growth, development and prosperity are truly endless.