Develop A Morning Routine

Until recently I hadn’t realised how vital a morning routine was in creating a positive start to the day and preparing both the mind and body for the activities ahead.

Previously, my morning routine was rather scattered as I wasn’t necessary waking up at the same hour each day, nor was I carrying out precise, well-chosen activities with which to commence the day.

However, now that I need more specificity in my mornings, and to also ensure a better utilisation of my time, I have enforced a concrete routine which I have been following for the last 4-6 weeks.

My current routine is, without a doubt, in alignment with my short-term and long run goals, and I know that in the future when my goals change my mourning routine will inevitably be modified to accommodate such changes.

That said, on Sundays I wake up naturally, without an alarm, when my body is ready to get up because Sunday is my day of rest – we all need a lie-in once in a while, right?!

Still, given that I do arise early from Monday to Saturday, by Sunday I am usually awake before 8am (or even earlier if I have gone to bed at a good time the previous night).

Below I have outlined my current morning routine and have explained the purpose of each step (in relation to my goals) as well as all its benefits.

I hope this example inspires some of you to evaluate your morning routine in order to verify that it is as conducive and productive as possible, and perhaps to encourage those who don’t already have one to consider implementing one in the near future.

Here we go!


6-6:15am: Alarm + awake up

Most days I start school at 10am and therefore, by waking up at 6am, I give myself extra hours to carry out whatever additional tasks that needs to be done during the daytime as opposed to pushing these jobs to after school when I generally don’t have much free time in the evenings.

I know that for most people waking up at 6am for a 10am start is a little excessive, especially since the journey to school takes less than 10 minutes by bike and I take less than 15 minutes to get ready. Consequently, I like to go to bed very early, around 9:30-10pm, so that I give my body the opportunity to properly recover and relax during the night.

Because my days are usually very active and busy, I need to get sufficient rest each night or else I will not have adequate energy the next day. If I get less than 8 hours of sleep I would normally need to take a power nap of around 20-30 minutes during lunchtime.

Otherwise, I would feel somewhat lethargic towards the later afternoon; though this is not very typical, it does happen once in awhile.

When my alarm rings in the morning I give myself a few minutes to make the transition from the unconscious to the conscious. Depending on how much sleep I have had during the night this could either be a rapid process or a rather slow one.

For this reason I give myself 15 minutes in total to make the transition from sleepiness to full awareness, and to prepare myself for the next part of my routine.


6:15-6:30am: Visualisations and affirmations

For my visualisation session I listen to soothing, meditative music for its entire duration.

After focussing on my breathing for a few minutes (with my eyes closed), I begin to envision my prosperity and success; I do not place any boundaries on myself when it comes to my visualisations, and they do not have to be similar to those from the day before.

In great detail I picture my desired outcome and get emotionally involved with it. That is, in my mind’s eye I feel and act as if my goals have already come to pass, and I celebrate my achievements. This success therefore arouses positive emotions which later serve as a great fuel throughout the day.

Subsequently, I open my eyes and go through my affirmations several times. My affirmations are fundamentally a list of positive statements relating to various aspects of my life such as health and well-being, my acting progression, personal development, my relationship with others, etc.

These affirmations represent the kind of person I would like to be and the life I would  like to live.

I personally believe this step as a whole is so crucial to my overall wellbeing, and on those days when I have neglected my affirmations and visualisations I do feel some sort of lack with regards to my emotional stability, but that is not to say that my emotions become turbulent or uncontrollable.

What I mean is that this part of my routine is empowering and imbues me with a sense of purpose and worth. Therefore, I am given the necessary grounding and strength for the day ahead.

Affirmations is a topic I enjoy discussing so I will go into more detail in a separate post very soon.


6:30-8am: French practice

It is imperative that I retain my current language level and indeed continue to progress. Thus, every morning for 1hour I listen to french audio on whatever subject matter that I find interesting – the law of attraction, fitness, self-motivation, etc. I enjoying listening to the news or podcasts, and I often watch youtube videos or seminars as well.

However, what is most important here is that I am entirely focussed on the audio so that I’m able to pick up more vocabulary, expressions and idioms; study its melody and intonation; and understand the movement and flow of the language in conversation.

Certainly, in order to make progress in any skill it is necessary to do a little bit each day. By incorporating my french practice into my morning routine I can guarantee consistent development.

Following my active listening of french audio, I read a french book for 30 minutes. Again, for similar reasons as stated above, I can increase my vocabulary; improve my understanding of the grammar; expose myself to and explore the french culture; and become a stronger reader overall.

I also think it is so important to read on a daily basis and so integrating this task into my morning routine has been the best way to ensure that this happens.


The finisher:

As I said above, my morning routine reflects my current priorities. Nonetheless, since we are fast approaching the summer holidays I imagine that it will shift a little here and there as I will have a lot more free time on my hands.

Anyway, I hope you have found this post useful!