Work hard in silence, let success be your glory.

It’s crucial that we regularly set goals and work towards their attainment. I am a big advocate of goal-setting because it ultimately brings us closer to our dreams and aspirations.

We are forced to develop and expand our potential because the accomplishment of goals requires that we step out of our comfort zones; we strengthen and refine keys life-skills such as self-discipline, self-motivation and our ability to be tenacious and resolute; and (perhaps most importantly) reaching our goals engenders a huge sense of joy and satisfaction within us.

However, one simple and seemingly innocent action that can hinder our progression and our ability to reach our goals is sharing them with other people – I must add that although this is not always the case, it is a real possibility.

The result of such events is that we postpone the pursuit of our aspirations to days, months or even years later because someone else has advised us so. Alternatively, and much worse, we are deterred altogether from pursuing them, and thus we prohibit joy and gratification, which typically ensue any success or achievement, from entering into our lives .

In my experience, and especially when I was a teenager lacking in self-assurance, one negative comment regarding anything I did or tried to achieve would stick in my mind for a prolonged period of time, and it was indeed a battle to detach myself from such opinions and ideas.

Although I am undoubtedly self-confident today, I can acknowledge the merits of working hard in silence and not sharing my goals with others, particularly those goals that demand much sacrifice and/or greater efforts.

Staying quite about my goals engenders an increased level of focus, commitment and drive because I know that I only have to be better and stronger than who I was yesterday and no one else – essentially I have nothing to prove to other people.

When on the road to success there is no space for doubt, negativity or hesitation. We must be firm in our determination knowing that the fulfilment of our goals is worthwhile, entirely inevitable and utterly deserved.