Finding joy and happiness.

We all desire to be happy and feel abundant joy throughout the day. That’s pretty obvious. On the other hand, during our quest to be happier we often disregard the truth that “happiness is not a destination but a direction.”

To be happy and content in the long run we must learn to appreciate the small things in life because these tiny, seemingly trivial things always add up to form the bigger picture: our present experience, that is.

At the time of writing this post I was at Gatwick airport waiting for my connection flight to Marseille. I arrived at Gatwick at 8am but my flight to France was scheduled to leave at 1.35pm, meaning a 5.5hr wait. In retrospect, I could have easily complained and moaned about the long wait, sulking about having to spend my entire morning “trapped” in an airport – I reckon most people would have if they found themselves in the same situation.

In spite of the long wait I chose to rejoice and dwell on the positives of the situation: having the funds to go abroad for a weekend away; having the opportunity to enjoy my new book and learn my lines for the play I’m doing at school; not feeling pressed for time whilst drinking my tea and eating my lunch; feeling inspired to write this post; and watching so many adorable kids play with their parents in the airport.

These simple observations can appear to be insignificant and trivial, but because they formed my present moment it was all that I could focus on. By adopting an attitude of gratitude towards those tiny observations, and by identifying the joys of my circumstances, I felt blessed and extremely peaceful. Indeed, the opportunities for happiness and joy were limitless, and I knew that by choosing to shift my mindset and focus on the good I had set myself up for a wonderfully fruitful day.

The point I’m trying to make here is that in order to be happy we must think happy. A simple shift in your mindset allows you to see the world around you through a different lense, therefore permitting happiness and joy to flow into your life, and keeping negativity and pessimism at bay.