5 months in and going strong

This post was supposed to be published last month but I didn’t get round to completing it as I was rather busy. Anyway, no excuses. This is a brief update on my goals for 2017.

Health and well-being:

  • Increase my muscle mass:

Aside from my time off in Portugal during spring break, I have been going to the gym consistently every week and have been pushing myself during each and every workout. During a typical week I would do weight training 3-4 times a week which is helped me to lose some extra fat in areas, such as my stomach and arms, and gain some definition here and there, particularly in my legs. Every few weeks I’m able to lift heavier weights which clearly proves that I’m getting stronger and fitter.

In terms of what I’m consuming, throughout this year I have been eating a lot of veggies (especially greens like kale, spinach and rocket), legumes like lentils and all types of beans, and have been eating more nuts and seeds. I refrain from processed foods such as oils, breads, refined starches, etc., and only snack on fruit during the day. Moreover, I eat until I am full (intuitive eating) and I always ensure that I’ve had at least 0.5l of water to drink at least 30 minutes prior to eating. This is important because it hydrates my body before the digesting process starts.

Drama school:

  • Read 1 play and watch 3 films (English or foreign language) on a weekly basis.
  • Continue to workout 4-5 per week while incorporating weight training into my regime.
  • Continue to practice French daily for least 45 minutes (in addition to 40 minutes of listening as I walk to and fro school).
  • Take additional dance and singing classes bi-monthly
  • Undertake research in order to have a thorough understanding of who is who in the industry and be aware of what is generally going on.
  • Go to the theatre or watch 2 plays online at least twice a month.
  • Work on accents by listening to videos and podcasts online Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.
  • Practice movements from acrobatics for 20 minutes in the morning from Tuesday-Thursday.

Overall I’ve been carrying out the above tasks rather well. As rehearsals increased towards the latter part of March in April I had to forgo some activities, but as a whole I’m happy with the consistency I’ve managed to maintain.

One important improvement I’d like to highlight is my understanding of the UK acting industry and my knowledge of theatre. Since I know much more now than I did at the start of the year I’m definitely feeling empowered. However, because the industry is constantly changing and evolving, and new work is always being produced, I cannot stop my research and reading.

As I have now entered the third and final trimester I have modified my drama school goals to accommodate my priorities. On top of this, I will be waking up earlier than usual everyday to utilise my hours before school, and this evidently means that I will be in bed earlier too. You can read my latest drama school update here: End of trimester 2 – review + update

Focus on my spiritual development.

  • Commit to my positive affirmations:

I love, love, love positive affirmations because they are highly empowering and supply me with so much strength and self-assurance. Moreover, it’s such an effective way of prioritising my well-being and taking care of myself. Each and every morning I go through my list of affirmations for a couple of minutes; I believe in them and I allow positive emotions to overwhelm me. Without a doubt this is the best way to prepare myself for the day ahead and it’s something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.

  • Go on a meditative walk every Sunday:

To be honest, I haven’t really found this one useful for one key reason: Glasgow has been extremely cold since the start of the year thus I’ve had little desire to walk around in the freezing cold for a prolonged period of time. I did, however, treat myself to a relaxing massage for my birthday which was incredible.

Though we are now in spring, I still have no desire to go on a meditative walk so I will have to find some sort of alternative pretty soon because I know that meditation carries so many health benefits.

  • Use of visualisation:

Visualising in the morning has helped to lift my mood each morning and fill me with a sense of purpose. It’s a great thing to add to your routine because it doesn’t take long and the results are magical. Much like my positive affirmations, I will be utilising visualisations for the foreseeable future as I continue to grow, develop and set new objectives.

Financial management:

  • Stick to my budget and be frugal

In general I would say that I’m doing pretty well with my financial management. I’ve been religiously bookkeeping in order to track and manage my spending. I’ve been saving monthly through automatic transfers which means that at the end of the year I will have a small cushion to support myself over the summer. The best thing about my budget is that I am in total control of my money and that I am constantly working towards my long-term financial goals.

In terms of being frugal I haven’t made any major purchases in the last few months aside from my holiday some weeks ago and my trip to France next week. Still, because I had saved up for each one I know they’re both merited. I rarely went out or ate at restaurants during the last term so now that I’ve stopped drinking (which is such an expensive habit btw) I can afford to treat myself once in awhile to something relaxing like a massage or pedicure.

In the last month I had bought a few items that I later returned because I realised I did not need them. Though these items were inexpensive, I’m happy that I decided to return them because it pushed me away for the idea of consuming for the sake of consuming. Henceforth, I aim to buy things that I actually need and recycle those that I no longer use.