I’m putting down the drink…

Around two years ago I decided that I was going to completely stop drinking alcohol. Nevertheless, fast forward a few years and I still, unfortunately, haven’t quit.

Today I am making the choice to stop drinking for good; I’m finally putting this decision in writing and sharing it aswell so that it serves as a strong reminder during those moments when I am feeling tempted. Moreover, sharing it in this way means I can be held accountable if I ever derail.

Binge-drinking is dangerous for the health. Fact. It’s harmful for the liver, can cause weight gain, dehydrates the body, causes severe headaches and fatigue and, in the long, can trigger other illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Secondly, it always gave us a false sense of reality. Being even slightly tipsy brings out our audacious side and so sometimes I personally find myself doing and/or saying things I would later regret the following morning. Thirdly, I knew I was often using alcohol as a crutch; it was a rapid and effortless way to feel more energised, confident and jolly without having to do any work on myself at all. It put me at ease in various situations and it made an evening or night out that much more pleasurable. In fact, to be honest I couldn’t even go to a party or social gathering without getting drunk prior or during the event, and I think I mostly did this out of habit.

What I have realised now is that the person that I am when I’m intoxicated isn’t the person I desire to be. Using alcohol as an escape means I’m not taking responsibility of my emotions and my life. Indeed, when I’m smashed my self-control and dignity usually go flying out the window. If, say, I’m lacking in confidence or need to find a way to destress then the solution should always come from within rather than utilising a certain drug to get me there. This is the only way to alleviate emotional imbalances and get rid of any insecurity in the long run.

Yes, this will be a huge challenge for me. Yes, it will take discipline and determination. But, nonetheless, the rewards and benefits are so much greater than all the risks alcohol poses.

I’m super elated to begin this journey and this new chapter in my life. I’m looking forward to all the new experiences that this bold decision will lead to. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to feeling healthy and being honest and true to myself.

Wish me luck!