Goals for 2017


This new year represents the start of a new chapter and the chance to push myself, increase my potential, set new objectives and prepare for new opportunities and exciting adventures. I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to be doing in 2017 and where I expect to go, all the while leaving space for life to throw a lot of magic my way. I want this year to be better than the last in all aspects of my life and I’m going to give 110% to ensure that that is definitely the case.


Below I’ve broken my goals down into smaller categories, identifying why each goal is important to me and how I’m going to get there. I think It’s very important to outline the above because it will help to direct and focus my attention in the coming months, especially when I come up against any hurdles. That said, here are my objectives for 2017:

Health and well-being:

  • Increase my muscle mass:

I’ll be doing four sessions of weight/body resistance/HIIT training and one cardio session per week with two rest days. As an actor it’s obviously essentiall that I’m in shape and have enough stamina and strength to endure long working hours of (sometimes vigorous) activity. Moreover, I also want to feel strong, energetic and healthy, and I want be proud of my body with and without clothes (hehe!).

So, in order to increase my muscle mass I’ll have to eat a little bit more (especially green veggies) over the next few months as I train, but since I eat a clean diet anyway this transition shouldn’t be a great difficulty. I’ll be monitoring my progression my taking body measurements and photos every 3rd Sunday of the month and keeping a fitness journal that I will update a few times a week.

Drama school

Focus on my spiritual development

  • Commit to my positive affirmations:

Over the years I have used positive affirmations to boost my mood and increase my self-confidence. It has been extremely helpful and transformative in shifting my attitude and ensuring that my thoughts are constructive and positive, rather than critical and self-destructive – negative thoughts naturally hinder any chances of progression.

In retrospect, whenever I did deter from my daily affirmations for a prolonged period of time I began to feel a sense of lack and ineptitude take root in my mind, and this would obviously impact my feelings and energy levels throughout the day. Therefore, by utilising my affirmations every morning I will actively: take control of my attitude and get rid of any fear or insecurity; encourage myself to feel great, valued, blessed, grateful, beautiful and strong; prepare for a productive day filled with purpose and drive; and strengthen my overall self-awareness, -worth and -esteem.

I’ve been using my positive affirmations religiously since the start of 2017 and already it has been beneficial in terms of my motivation, well-being, outlook and productivity.

  • Go on a meditative walk every Sunday:

Sunday is the day of rest, and thus it make sense to use this day to recharge and ready myself for the week ahead. A meditative walk will help me to disconnect from my busy and hectic week in order to reflect and truly appreciate all that has happened in the days prior. I believe it’s very important to have such moments of peace and tranquility so that the mind, body and spirit can relax and be present in the current moment. My schedule is only going to get busier throughout the year, so by incorporating a meditative walk into my routine I can ensure that I’ll be taking time out for myself and focussing on my relaxation. In future, I may ( I mean WILL) alternate between weekly walks and weekly massages… Oh yes!

  • Use of visualisation:

Visualisation is an effective tool that brings about the realisation of goals and desires – based on the law of attraction. It’s a pleasurable and rewarding experience being able to my focus on an outcome in my mind’s eye and have it manifested into real life. (This would naturally happen as I use my positive affirmations too.) However, to fully utilise this tool I will be visualising at the start of every week.

Some time last year I created a vision book which contains images and quotes that relate to things I want in life. At the start of every week I will flick through my vision book and imagine myself reaching my ideal outcomes. I will have to think and feel as if my outcomes are my reality in order for this technique to actually work. In any case, it is always enjoyable visualising because my mental pictures are so positive and inspiring that they instantly makes me feel great.

Financial management:

  • Stick to my budget and be frugal

Earlier last year I created a money-plan that would enable me to save a certain percentage of my income for both short term and long term objectives, and to be able to donate to charitable causes as well. I’m especially grateful I have a plan in place because, quite effortlessly, I can manage my finances whilst taking into consideration my current needs and obligations (e.g. rent, food, clothing, bills, school stuff, etc.), prepare for the future and still be able to do the activities that I most enjoy. Moreover, having a concrete plan has brought about a lot of peace and assurance into my life because I’ve succeeding in saving a sort of emergency cushion for myself if ever I’m in financial difficulty.

However, towards the end of 2016,  I did not always stick to the limits of some categories within my monthly budget and, as a result, sacrifices had to be made here and there – it was my first term at school and I had moved into a new place that was unfurnished so there were endless expenses to be covered. Nevertheless, I know what my priorities are for this year (and I will not be moving houses anytime soon) so I can be a lot more disciplined, frugal and make decisions that are in line with this goal.

Et Voilà! We’ve come to the end of my goal list for the year. I’ll be keeping you updated with my progress which I hope can inspire a few of y’all too.

I hope we slay in 2017!  



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