Drama School Antics: Tom Lloyd-Kendall

Interview #2 .


16229854_10212243410545234_347489005_oWhat is your name?

Tom Lloyd-Kendall (aka Curly)


What year are you in?

2nd Year


How old are you?



Where are you from?

Cardiff, Wales


Twitter or Insta?



Describe yourself in 3 words.

Out-going. Positive. Laidback.


Describe your previous acting experience.

I have been in 4/5 stage productions (1 professional and the rest amateur), a music video and an award-winning Web series.


What do you love about acting?

The freedom and creativeness of the worlds we can create as actors. It allows you to unlock, discover and explore aspects of the world, and also yourself – that, for others, is a daunting prospect but not for actors. It is what excites us – well, me at least.


Who is your favourite actor and why?

I do not have one specific actor that I call a favourite. Actors whose work I enjoy and follow? Tom Hardy, Al Pacino and Sir Ian McKellen are names that come to mind. It changes a lot. Their particular ability to consistently change from character to character but convincingly portray their parts is something to aspire to. I want to learn about their processes.


Why did you want to go to drama school?

I wanted to find myself in an environment with like minded people, to push myself (and others) to the limit of our abilities and talents, and to allow us to identify what the next step of our careers will be. Also, I wanted to meet some fantastic and life changing people from all over the world and all walks of life.


Can you identify some of the challenges you’ve faced whilst studying acting and outline how you’ve dealt with them?

Away from the fact it took me 4 Years to get into Drama School, I have been lucky that nothing majorly challenging has happened. The challenge is to not get overwhelmed and daunted when you first start and get stuck in. Suffering from Dyslexia is a challenge, however. Allowing time for you to overcome this, in certain circumstances, will always be a problem – but not being ashamed or shy to admit to it will help me and those I’m working with to cater to this.


What are your dreams for the future?

The initial dream would be to get signed by an agency and to begin working. The big dream is to work and break out into the Screen world. I see myself in America at some point.


What are your tops tips for getting into drama school?

Never panic, what happens happens (and for a reason). Work hard, stay calm and, overall, enjoy each audition, city, friend and the school you end up going to.


What do you hope to achieve during the rest of your academic year?

I hope to carry on learning and enjoying my time working with Gareth Nicolls on Coriolanus, have a good show-run and to get creative with the rest of the projects coming our way in 2nd Year.



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