Change your habits: create a plan

Setting goals is an exciting adventure that can inspire and motivate us to try out something new and something different. It encourages us to challenge ourselves and expand our potential by developing some aspect of our self and, in terms of personal development, setting goals can additionally bring about a healthy change within us because we are forced to be optimistic, courageous and open-minded throughout the journey. Nevertheless, we cannot begin to realise a goal if we do not have in place a concrete plan that coherently identifies the necessary steps required to reach our objective.

So what makes a great plan? A great plan is one that outlines all the things that we must do to reach our goal, when we need to do them, how we are going to do them and why. The purpose of our plan is to help transform a dream into reality; a great plan essentially breaks down our goal into practical tasks that we can do within a set period of time. Consequently, we are more likely to reach our goal since every task involved isn’t tremendous and daunting but realistic and feasible.


A goal on its own, especially a stimulating one, can certainly make us feel overwhelmed for numerous reasons. A new goal requires that we step out of our comfort zone and explore unfamiliar territories. In addition, there’s always the fear that we may never achieve it because either the goal is too ambitious, we don’t have the capacity to do it or we lack the perseverance to see it through. Nonetheless, a goal broken down into smaller tasks can remove this sense of fear and ineptitude because there is something attainable we can do in the present moment to work towards making our dream a reality. Moreover, given that it is highly rewarding being able to complete a task, tick it off the list and move onto the next one, the sense of satisfaction that this engenders can serve to further encourage us as we strive towards our end goal – so much to gain and little to lose!


In my last post End of 1st trimester – review + new goals I explain in detail what I want to achieve in the coming months in terms of my education and professional development, and I outline a well-defined plan that is going to ensure my progression and allow me to focus and excel during the next trimester of drama school. I hope that it can help some of you guys to reach your own goals too.



5 thoughts on “Change your habits: create a plan

  1. akucbol says:

    Of course, you have a great selection of questions. Send me a message on the contact page so that I can answer your questions via email.


  2. Timesha Ivery says:

    Great! I wondered if you could answer a couple of questions of mine. I am a massive fan of your work on TDG. My friend and I are studying journalism & we’re writing this article for Uni, based on empowerment, positive change and self-awareness for women of all colours. And after reading your posts on motivation, your the kind of role model I would like to question (They don’t have to be long paragraphs and skip any question you feel uncomfortable answering!)

    1) Often in your blogs you write from a place of empowerment. Where does this notion stem from?

    2) Lorde is the first non-white modelling agency as you know, why did you choose to be a part of it?

    3) You come across as a person who prefers natural beauty to cosmetic products. Is natural beauty something you’ve always embraced?

    4) When did you become a vegan and why did you choose this path?

    5) What personal experiences do you have that you think has made you the person you are today?

    6) Do you have any personal experiences of colourism?

    7) What five words of encouragement would you give to women of colour who are exploring their self-identity?

    Many Many Thanks in advance!(:


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