End of 1st trimester – review + new goals

So my first trimester of studying BA Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has come and gone, and it has truly been a wonderful ride. Because I’ve been very busy I haven’t had the chance to upload new content onto my site. Nevertheless, now that it is the holidays I want to share with you guys my journey over these last few months.
Since September I have been taking classes in movement, voice, textual analysis, theatre history, dance, accents and dialects, singing, acrobatics, acting for screen and acting for stage, all of which have been very insightful and useful; I would say that dance, movement and acting for stage are my strongest subjects, whereas singing, accents and acrobatics are my weakest. Needless to say, in order to be a well-rounded actor I need to strengthen these areas and ensure that I can always deliver no matter the circumstances. Consequently, I’m pleased that I’ve been able to identify areas for improvement because this will give me something challenging and stimulating to work on during my second trimester.


In terms of my overall well-being, I think the last few months have been a great opportunity to test my self-awareness and sense of self-worth. Having been in many new, different, unfamiliar situations (such as living with 3 strangers, moving to a new city and having to establish a completely new routine), I’ve had to question who I am, what is it I believe in/stand for, and carry myself in a manner that reflects this. It’s been a bumpy ride, of course, but I’m without a doubt tougher and more secure in myself now than I was when starting the course some months ago.


Additionally, I’ve started going to my local gym a few times a week which I’m finding very exhilarating – I love the sense of satisfaction I get after completing an intensive workout. Again, in order to be a well-rounded actor I need to be physically strong and have a great level of stamina because different roles, and the industry in general, can be particularly arduous. Thus, a resilient body and a strong mind are vital to my success as an actor.


Having now settled into my new routine and having become accustomed to drama school life, my plan for the coming months is to push myself 100% at every step of the way. More specifically, I am going to:

  • Read 1 play and watch 3 films (English or foreign language) on a weekly basis.
  • Continue to workout 4-5 per week while incorporating weight training into my regime.
  • Continue to practice French daily for at least 30 minutes (in addition to 40 minutes of listening as I walk to and fro school).
  • Take additional dance and singing classes bi-monthly
  • Undertake research in order to have a thorough understanding of who is who in the industry and be aware of what is generally going on.
  • Go to the theatre or watch 2 plays online at least twice a month.
  • Work on New York accent by listening to videos and podcasts online.
  • Practice movements from acrobatics twice a week for at least 15 minutes.


I’m more than grateful for the experiences that I’ve had and, most importantly, the lessons I have learned. I’m extremely optimistic about the coming year and I am ready to challenge myself to accomplish more. Because I have a concrete plan I know that I can progress rapidly and consistently since my objectives are well-defined, attainable and specified.

Bring on 2017!


One thought on “End of 1st trimester – review + new goals

  1. Elle Hanton says:

    Hi, just found your blog today and love it already! I used to watch you in the dumping ground when I was younger however I’m 16 now so a little to old 😂, I think you a very talented actress. I have been interested in acting since I was about 8 it’s the only thing I want to do with my life at the moment I’m at crossroads over deciding what to do acting is the career path I want to go down. Last August I started a college course doing NC Acting & Performance level 5 to cut a long story short I left the course a few months later down to a number of reasons I was traveling from where I stay to the college around 25 miles had to get a bus and a train it was just to much for me I was always on the go wasn’t getting enough sleep etc and the work load was quite a lot however this doesn’t make me any less determined people say to me I obviously don’t want it that much if I’m not willing to put the work in but I do I really do. I’m planning to apply for college again this year but a college closer to me but already I’m worrying about learning a monologue for it all I think I need a contemporary one I’m not sure 🤔 do you have any advice? also I hope your having a lovely time studying at the Royal conservative I have heard many good things about it as I stay in Scotland myself, it is a dream to hopefully study there myself! Really sorry for this long comment!
    Thank you
    Elle x


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