Week 1 at drama school

So I’ve come to the end of a very long first week at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and I can confirm that it is definitely the best school in the world!

logo_positive_rcs_largeStarting from 10am on Monday morning, I’ve had a week of introductory activities, tours of school facilities, practical classes and talks given by staff from across the board. The week has been super informative and super exciting.

And as for the social aspect, there’s definitely been plenty of crazy nights outs and get-togethers with students from different disciplines within the school.

I believe that the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is the perfect place for me because fundamentally it’s a school that values individuality and personal creativity. However, the approach to teaching is almost collaborative in the sense that we learn as a collective and we inspire and motivate one another whilst still working on our own artistic progression and personal development. Essentially, we are an ensemble.

Secondly, all the staff, students and teachers have been extremely hospitable, accommodating and friendly which is something that’s not typical of any higher educational institution. RCS is a school that prioritises the student experience and student satisfaction, and therefore this creates a safe environment in which we can learn, create, explore and thrive.

In addition, throughout the week various students in 2nd and 3rd year have come up to me to introduce themselves and to ensure that I felt welcomed and optimistic about starting the BA Acting course. It’s very strange but I really do feel like I’ve been living in Glasgow for a lot longer than just a week.

Next week we start proper scheduled classes which cover acrobatics, dance, movement, voice and acting, and we’ll be working from 10am-5.30pm most days but often later. It’s going to be intense and physically demanding, that is for sure; but I do know that this is the start of a really enjoyable journey where I shall encounter amazing experiences, opportunities and people. Bring it on!


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