South of France

Earlier this month I travelled to the south of France. I visited Marseille (my favourite place in the south) and I also went to Montpellier to hang with a friend. After a long summer in the UK the trip definitely felt refreshing and relaxing.

My highlight of the trip was probably meeting an AWESOME guy who was French-Israeli. He had lots of stories to share about his life as well as his personal philosophy and many interesting experiences. It was incredible talking for hours on end with a complete stranger about any and everything.

I also really enjoyed hiking through the mountains to get to Les Calanques. It was a very, very hot day so I was dripping in sweat from start to finish but the views along the way were absolutely breathtaking, and it was so rewarding finally reaching the beach and getting the chance to cool down in the sea. Definitely one of my highlights of the year.

Anyway, below are some photos (landscape only) that I took while out and about dans le sud!



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