Change your habits: be more grateful

“Thank you” are two words that, when said with meaning and sincerity, are super powerful and extremely transformative for all of us.

Having gratitude is essential for anyone desiring to become more positive, optimistic and peaceful. By giving thanks for all that we’ve got we make a conscious decision to focus on the positive, all the things that inspire us, and we choose to dwell on the beauty of life. We intentionally shift our thinking away from the negative, away from what is or was holding us back, and we thrust ourselves in the direction of peace, abundance and happiness. This active shift of our mindset on a regular basis allows for the creation of a new habit: positive thinking.

By spending some time everyday going over and rejoicing in the many things that are good in our lives, however small or big, we develop the ability to control our state of mind and gear it towards the positive, resulting in the fulfilment of more goals, wants and desires.

The law of attraction states that “like attracts like”. Once we start thinking about positive things we spark a chain reaction. More and more uplifting thoughts will come to mind which will gradually make us feel inspired, motivated and happy.

In addition, in terms of the bigger picture, the law of attraction works in our favour to bring about the things in our life that we need and desire. And just like that, this process is amplified once we start to focus on the things we already have and are grateful for them – gratitude is the open door to abundance. Remarkable, isn’t it? And the very best thing about this it that it’s easy to do. Just say “Thank you.”. Go on. You can even start now!

Gratitude has no limit so practice this as many times in the day as you care for and watch joy, peace and happiness flood into your life.


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