3 months in and going strong

This is just a quick update about my top goals for 2016 and how I’m progressing so far.

  • Work on and improve my self-awareness:

I’m definitely making good progress here. Everyday I am tuning into my thoughts and deciding what kind of energy I’m putting out; not only do I feel empowered, I also feel self-assured and in control of my life.

I recently decided to implement a night and morning routine. My night routine involves visualizing my goals and expressing gratitude for what has happened during the day. This puts me into a relaxed state just before bed and I can go to sleep feeling optimistic and at peace. When I wake up in the mornings I go through my list of affirmations which include statements like “I have a great memory” and “I always radiate positive energy” and I also focus on self-love. Cultivating feelingS of enthusiasm and excitement is my aim for the start of each day. I’m excited to see how I’ll grow and develop over the next couple of months.

  • Travel abroad at least once a month.

I’m still on track with this one, thankfully. In January I went to Copenhagen, Denmark with some friends which was truly an unforgettable experience. It’s one of those holidays that we’ll continue to reminisce for a really long time. Check out the photos here!

Last month I went to Oslo, Norway for two nights. Though it was a very short trip, I really enjoyed myself because I met some super cool people and I think the Norwegians, like the Danish, are very easy-going and friendly. Though the trip was for work, I ended up celebrating my 21st birthday there. I’m really grateful because, although I was in the company of strangers, I managed to have a fun and memorable day.

As for the month of March, in a few days I’ll be on my way to Milan, Italy. I’m super excited but also a little nervous. I hope it will be a great trip.


  • Get on the property ladder and become financially independent.

To be honest, I’ve had to rethink the first part of this goal; I wanted to get on the property ladder because I wanted to have a regular source of income (rental income). Having evaluated the pros and cons of home ownership, I think at this stage in my life it would be a burden, and not something that I can properly enjoy. Instead, I have my eyes on investing which give me the financial stability I’ve been searching for.

By chance, I’ve stumbled across several books on personal finance and investing which have really opened my eyes to a different world and a new way of thinking. Above all, I understand that secure money management allows for the pursuit of the things that matter the most in life. I’m looking forward to learning more about investing as well as minimalism, saving options and finance in general.

  • Improve as an actor and get regular acting and modelling jobs.

Overall, I’m really proud of the progress I have made in my career; last year I didn’t do enough studying and didn’t really put myself out there. In retrospect, I think I mostly expected my agent to call me non-stop with auditions and basically do all the work for me, which is obviously not how things work in life. This year I’ve been enthusiastically looking for work, and getting work, and have also been connecting with different people from various fields within the industry. From audition preparation, to reading/watching plays, to acting practice, I know I’m being effective and thorough across the board, which has naturally led to better results. So from here onwards it’s just bigger and better.

  • Maintain a confident and positive mindset.

This one’s a funny one. The other week I noticed that I felt really confident and secure in myself and I no longer feel self-conscious or hesitant when meeting new people or being in new environment – I’m just me. This is a great feeling as I have the  freedom to be myself knowing that I won’t be affected by other people’s opinions. I’d say this comes down to the positive affirmations I’ve been using almost daily since the start of 2015 and the fact that I’m consistently going after what I want and making choices that support my growth. I’m glad to say that I’m on the path to becoming my best self – get gassed or die tryin’.


  • Inspire others to feel empowered and positive.

This goal is a little harder to gauge, purely because it’s about the effect I have on others as opposed to myself. Though, in terms of my own actions, I’ve been sharing more articles on my blog about things I think might help others e.g. acting advice, savings and motivational tips. I never hesitate to share knowledge and information that can be of use to someone in real life too. Moreover, in recent weeks, my advice to everyone around me has basically been “do you”, which essentially means make decisions that support your vision, your personal development and your dream. I recently came across this quote that sums it all up quite nicely: “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.”


  • Learn Spanish to an advanced level (B2).

Spanish practice is going quite well, and I use ‘well’ very lightly. I ought to practice more, for sure. Things should start to pick up once I update my plan of action. Moving on swiftly…


  • Do my part for the environment

I love cycling, recycling and producing as little waste as possible, though there is definitely room for improvement. I’m proud to say that I haven’t bought any new clothes since last year and I know I can get away with not doing so for a few more months. As for veganism all is working out perfectly for me and I know it’s a long-term lifestyle choice. I’m pretty interested in growing my own food so that’s something I’ll get into in the years (or months) to come. Perhaps it won’t be so long before ‘Akuc’s Organics’ opens on every high street in London!

Watch this space!




2 thoughts on “3 months in and going strong

  1. amaalspeaks says:

    I love this! Soooo motivating! I really want to get my own bike but super nervous about riding on roads……. As for growing your own food, I really want to try that too; I have a small balcony so I wanted to try and see if I can grow my own herbs for nice herbal tea and whatnot. And I’m finally making action with my whole desire of travelling. If all goes well I’ll be in Milan at the end of May. I wanna fill up my passporttttttt


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