Drama school update: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Last year I got a place on the BA Acting course at RCS in Glasgow, but because I was filming ‘The Dumping Ground’ until November I wasn’t able to start in September 2015. The school doesn’t offer deferrals so they suggested reapplying the next year so that I can go straight to the 3rd round of the application process. To clarify, there are 4 rounds in total for most drama schools: 1st is an audition that involves performing two monologues (one Shakespearean, one modern); 2nd involves short improvisation activities followed by an interview; 3rd is a 2-3hr practical workshop exploring voice, movement and ensemble work; and the 4th is an interview with the head of Acting and other staff.

Yesterday I submitted my application and I received confirmation of my 3rd round audition date, which is April 11th. I am really determined to get in because I want to study acting intensively, I want push myself in terms of my potential and truly expand my understanding and knowledge of performance and acting. I also know that RSC is part of the Erasmus exchange programme thus I have the opportunity to study abroad in France for up to a year. This is ideal for me as my long-term goal is to get into French cinema/TV. One important condition is that I must speak fluent French. Right now I’d say I’m about 75-80% there as I can read and write without difficulty. To get to 100% fluency I need to listen to natives on a daily basis and start thinking and speaking in French every day. Still, time is on my side so I know I can do it!





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