Let thy be confident!

So right now I’m out here in France traveling around the south. I’m going to loads of bars/restaurants, practising my French everyday, tanning in the sunshine and overall having an awesome time. As I’m travelling on my own I have to speak to new people everyday, and to do so I need lots of confidence!
Without a doubt, confidence is something that everyone wants to have. It gives us the courage to try new things and challenge ourselves; it also puts us at ease in difficult situations or new environments. I know for sure that a lot of growth comes from working on your confidence, so that is why I want to share some simple and easy things that I do to instantly increase my confidence and boost my energy.

1. Positive affirmation

I firmly believe that our thoughts determine who we are, what we do and what happens to us. I believe that in order to get our “desired outcome” we must first change the way we think. For example, having high self-esteem is important for me and so I regularly state aloud or under my breath « I am a strong, confident, sexy and beautiful woman » because this statement specifically represents all that I want to be i.e. my “desired outcome”. Now to be honest, when I first started saying this to myself (about 11 months ago) I wasn’t very convinced. It’s a very bold statement and at the time it didn’t match up to what I honestly thought about myself. However as I committed to it and continued to say it on a daily basis, not only did it become a habit but I started to believe it and really feel it. Nowadays I don’t go a single day without my positive affirmations, and overall they have made me so much more appreciative of who I am.

2. Gratitude

Now this is a big one. Often when we are feeling sad about ourselves or our lives we quickly forgot all the good things that have happened to us and the things we take for granted. When you are feeling unhappy, insecure or demotivated I would suggest writing a list of 3 things that you are grateful for having in your life right now. This could be something as basic as having a bed to sleep in at night or having parents to take care of you. Or it could be something more specific related to a recent achievement such as passing a test or joining a new club. Because expressing gratitude is so effective at changing your mindset and making you feel good about what you have in the present moment, I would suggest doing this at least a few times a week.

3. Favourite song

Everyone loves music because it is so easy to connect to and there is always a song to fit any situation. When I want to be super confident I listen songs that get me super hyped and that also make me feel like I am on fire. Literally. Once your mind associates a particular song with good emotions, listening to that song should always be able to transform and lift your mood. So if you ever see me strutting down the street and whipping my hair like Naomi Campbell then you know exactly why!


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