38 weeks in and going strong!

Only 9 months ago did I set my 5 goals and so much has happened since. In this post I’ll update you on my progress. For those of you who are new to my blog, these were the goals I wanted to achieve before the end of the 2015:

  1. Adapt a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating well
  2. Travel to 7 new cities
  3. Inspire and motivate others
  4. Start working as a model, do more commercials and voiceover work
  5. Develop and maintain an impenetrably positive and confident mindset


I became vegan in January and I’m proud to say that I’m still vegan. I love all the benefits that it comes with (better skin, more energy, etc) and I’m really happy that 5 of my good friends have also become vegan as well. I’ve been to a small handful of vegan restaurants where the food has been so(oooooooooo) delicious – literally had to hold onto the wall as I was eating. Also, I’m getting better and better at cooking and I’d now say it’s something that I really enjoy doing.

On the exercise front, one new thing I’ve done is take up salsa classes. Salsa is a sneaky one because it doesn’t looks that tough but I always end up sweating like pig by the end of the lesson. Anyway, come the end of the year I shall be whipping out my seductive moves everywhere I go. Aside from the dancing, I’m exercising regularly and have started to incorporate weight training into my regimen. Hold tight for the spicy winter bod people!

Goal 2: 7 NEW CITIES

Two words: goal accomplished! Yes I did in less than 9 months. In fact, I’ve now visited 8 new cities. Get in there!

August has been amazing in terms of travels. I started off in Budapest in Hungary then worked my way to Split (Croatia) via Trebinje (Bosnia), Zagreb and Dubrovnik (both Croatia). Earlier this year I also visited Paris (France) and Valletta (Malta). Having reached this goal has made me realise that if I wanted to I could easily make this sort of thing my lifestyle, simply by making travelling a priority in my life.

I’ve booked a flight to Marseille (France) for the end of November. I’m going to be in the area for at least a week to put my French to practice. Don’t think I can be any more excited about finally speaking fluent French.


I’m trying my best to do this. I do feel like I’m accomplishing this but I know that this goal is more of an on-going thing. The best thing I can do for now is continue to pursue the things I’m interested in and be proud of myself.


The first part of this goal has been achieved. (Get in there!) In February I got signed to Lorde Inc modelling agency and have done some photoshoots with various photographers and also managed to get on the cover of Polyester magazine.

Cover #2. 3rd issue of Polyester zine.

Cover #2. 3rd issue of Polyester zine.

As for the other stuff, I’m still working on it. Currently I’m filming series 4 of ‘The Dumping Ground’ so I’m legally not allowed to work on anything else until we finish filming. However, I’m trying to improve as an actor by watching and analysing the kind of work I want to be doing. Still, it’s only a matter of time before I land something significant.


Hell yes! Just thinking about how I felt a year ago and how I feel now amazes me. I feel good everyday and I feel healthy everyday. I truly believe that if I want something in life I have the capacity to attain it. An important change that has also happened is my increased sense of self-worth.

Last year I was in a bad place with this because I would let other people dictate my value, and so I would often felt low or incompetent. But because I’ve been working on my self-worth regularly, I now realise that I am cool person to be around and I bring a lot to the table; that is something that no-one can take away from me!

Overall I’m really happy with everything that has happened so far this year. I’m excited with the direction I’m heading in and I can’t wait to see what is in store for last few months of 2015.

Watch this space!


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