August Plans

Ok. I’ve got some exciting things planned for the next month – it shall be epic. Hold tight my friends.

Right now I’m on my way to Madreeeed, well to the airport.. It’s going to be hot hot hot (around 37 degress) so you best believe I shall be returning home looking like London’s finest piece of dark chocolate. My friends have already flown out there but I’m a day late because I was filming yesterday morning. I have lots of things planned for Madrid including partying hard, sipping on that sangria and practicing my salsa. Watch this space.

About two days after returning home from Madrid, I’ll be offering my sofa to a stranger for a few nights. I’m using a site called to accommodate a traveller in need of a place to stay in London; this will be my first time doing this. I believe that I’m generally expected to show them London’s best bits and let them experience life as a true Londoner. I’m a confident and accommodating person so I think it’ll be a cool experience and hopefully I can continue to welcome travellers to my home in the future. To clarify, Couchsurfing is like airbnb; travellers request to stay with people in the city that they are visiting. The host reads their potential guest’s profile/reviews and then decide if they are able to accommodate them or not. I’m very happy with my guest and I trust that they’re a good person.

Around mid-august I shall board a flight to Budapest, Hungary. I’m going to be in Budapest for 4 nights and then I shall go to Zagreb, Croatia for some nights and then travel to the coast. While in Budapest I’ll be staying at a hostel (not booked yet) and in Croatia I’ll be using Couchsurf. Again, my host is legit and I know I’ll feel safe staying with them.  I’m basically desperate to see Croatia so thinking about my trip just makes me feel so so excited. I can’t wait to be by the sea again, with sand in my toes, bikini body on fire and just good vibes.

When I come back from Croatia I am going straight to carnival to wine and jiggle. Trust and believe it shall be a crazy one.


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