The law of attraction in action

As some of you may have already guessed from reading around my blog, I am so so soo interested in the law of attraction. I use it everyday to acquire what I want and to feel the way I want to feel, and I know it works!

The law of attraction essentially says that whatever you think about the most you will end up attracting into your life. For example, if you think pessimistic or negative thoughts at the start of the day, you will end up having a pretty bad day. Likewise, if you start your day with thoughts of prosperity and gratitude, you’ll have an epic day. What’s magical about this law is that it applies to every aspect of your life –  it can be used to get to wherever you want to be! In my first blog post “The first of many…” I listed my top 5 goals. Using the law of attraction I have developed as a woman, changed my way of thinking, become more optimistic and grateful, and have definitely changed my life for the better.

One of my life long goals is to inspire and motivate other people. I think a major issue everyone encounters is a lack of self-love and self-acceptance. I’ve noticed that most people, especially young adults and teens, are often desperate to be in a relationship. Being in a relationship is a great thing and everyone has a right to experience it. However, what I think can be dangerous is when people look to others to satisfy their own needs. Earlier today I came across a video on Youtube (en francais) about the law of attraction and self-love. It’s such a great message and I think more people need to hear it. I have just translated it and left a link to the video at the bottom (pour ceux qui parlent francais).

“What is the best way to find someone who loves us? Well this is a very simple and banal video but someone asked me the question so I’m going to answer it. So the best way to find someone who likes you is for you to like yourself. Why’s that? Well, how can you expect others to be interested in you if you’re not interested in you?

If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t like to spend time on your own, if you don’t want to do good things for yourself, how can you expect others to do that for/with you too? Give yourself to yourself like how you want others to give to you. If you were to embrace yourself, you can be truly happy with who you are – truly happy means you are feeling content (though showing neither arrogance nor nastiness). It simply means that you have enough love for yourself; a love that is healthy, pure, but also being happy to be with yourself, to do the things you like, to look after yourself. You will overflow with this energy and people will naturally be intrigued by you. Moreover, you won’t be addicted to others, emotionally dependent on them or affected by what others think of you. People will respect you more and be interested in who you are because you’ll have a real sense of integrity. And often those who won’t like you will be those uncomfortable in their own skin and who are uncomfortable being on your level.

So, as I said, the best way to attract others is to be loving towards you.  The more love you give to yourself the more you will get on with others and the more new people you will meet. There is nothing worse that meeting people who have no interest in themselves, who want to constantly run away from who they are and who try to cling on to others simply to fill the emptiness that they feel on the inside. Such people are always saying “give me, give me, give me and fill me, fill me ,fill me etc”. In the long run, they end up feeling like they aren’t being listened to, undervalued and unloved.  If you are constantly looking out for yourself, others will see who you are, appreciate you for that and all that you are worth. If you love yourself, you won’t ask of anything from another or you won’t be looking for them to satisfy you. Rather, you will be more willing to give them more of what you can offer. You are going to give them your attention and your time without expecting anything else in return because you can do that for yourself. In fact, the other person is going to desire and want you much more in return. 

AH HA. This is something that I suggest you reflect on and obviously practice.”

So to summarize my beliefs:

I believe that change has to come from the individual; it requires both commitment and passion.

La loi de l’attraction enamour: comment faire pour que l’autre s’intéresse à moi (By Slavica Bogdanov).


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